The Know: You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Snack Bars

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I love me a good snack bar. 4pm rolls around and I’m out and about – walking to class, walking to the library, skipping class and shopping – but like clockwork, 4pm rolls around and I want a snack. And as tempting as those fresh baked chocolate chip muffins are downstairs in the lib (I swear they waft the smell through the vents), I know not only will that muffin contribute to a much larger muffin (top), but with no protein I will be scavenging for food like a boy from Lord of the Flies in T-30 minutes.

Enter: the snack bar.
Sweet enough to satisfy and protein-y/fiber-y enough to keep me focused on studying/shopping until dinner.
And now I have two more favorites to add to the mix:

PB&J Flavored Lara Bar
I don’t know about you, but as a kid, I never fully appreciated the party in your mouth that is a PB&J Sandwich. I always complained when my mom made it for me. But now I know that there really is nothing better (unless it comes in a calorie free version). The problem with the real PB&J is that many of us use jelly and peanut butter with High Fructose Corn Syrup (aka the devil) on white bread, which really is just asking for a sugar crash. This Lara Bar is raw, vegan, only has FOUR ingredients, and still has that amazing salty-meets-sweet flavor. I’m a big time fan.

NuGo Soy Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free Snack Bars
While you may think soy is good for you, word on the street is that processed soy… not so much. It’s been linked to messing with your metabolism and thyroid and the fact is, processed soy (think soy nuggets, soy crisps, soy protein, most forms of soy you eat) is in almost EVERYTHING. Next time you are at the grocery store or near your kitchen look at the the ingredients and chances are there will be some soy product in the bunch.

But these NuGo bars, sans soy, are pretty much amazeballs. One might think, “No soy? No dairy? No gluten? Must taste like crap,” Not so much. These relatively low-cal bars (around 160 per bar) pack in 9 grams of protein, still taste DELISH and are made out of things like rice, tapioca syrup and agave nectar. Things your body recognizes, things that won’t spike your blood sugar, things that will taste great and make you feel great. Sign me up. My personal favorite is the Dark Chocolate bar, but the Carrot Cake and Trail Mix are great too!

Got a favorite snack bar you think everyone should know about? Share below!

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