The CC Weekly Weigh In: Yay For Summer!

Memorial Day has come and gone, I’ve already sweat through three of my favorite t-shirts and my hair is at 89% frizz.

Yes, it’s officially summer, ladies!

While some people are crazy aren’t major fans of the summer season, most of us at CollegeCandy couldn’t be more excited. What’s not to love about flip flop weather, 7-11 Slurpee runs and going out without having to worry about whether the bar has coat check or not? And the way your sun-kissed skin looks in a coral sundress? Sigh. Is there anything like it?!

With the temps rising the our favorite TV shows coming to an end for the season, it’s time to bust out those summer whites, scrunch some gel into your hair and enjoy the best the summer has to offer. Here are a few of our favorite things. What do you love most out summertime?

Emmy – Loyola University Chicago: My favorite thing about summer is being able to sleep in ridiculously late and laying on the beach.

Sara C – Fordham: Favorite thing about summer? Definitey the overabundance of Mr. Softee roaming around the city. Nothing beats a twist at sunset with friends!

Cristina – Michigan State University: Sitting in the sun with a popsicle and a beer.

Rachael – University of Miami: I’m not a huge fan of summer (I’m almost albino pale, so no beach time for me, and I go to school in Florida anyway), but I guess what I most like about it is the overall sense of freedom: time to be a little lazy, catch up on pleasure reading, wear loose and flowy clothing, etc. Oh! and street fairs in Manhattan – I love shopping there, or even just walking around.

Carly – Grinnell: Favorite thing about summer: the warm weather. I FREEZE nine months out of the year in the Midwest, but summer is the one season during which I can feel as if I live in a tropical climate.

Norah – Drake University: I’m Minnesota-born, so for me, summer means weekends at my family’s cabin. Boating, tubing, waterskiing, hanging out at the beach, fireworks on the lake for the Fourth of July…I couldn’t be more excited. I’m also psyched to catch up on my reading–I just found a book club that’s reading Jane Austen and Willa Cather this summer.

Jessica – Delaware: Backyard barbecues! Who doesn’t love laying by the pool, sipping Coronas and eating cheeseburgers!?

Jessica – Hofstra: My favorite thing about summer is laying on the beach with my friends after a long night out – and talking about every ridiculous thing we did (and probably don’t remember).

Brithny – Duke: The excuse to get fro-yo every. single. day.

Alex – University of South Carolina: Walking the boardwalk at night and Dunkin’ Donuts Lemonade Coolatas (RIP).

Samantha – UCSB: Camp, my birthday and SUMMER FLINGS! Hot hot hot!

Christie – NC State University: I know it’s weird, but I love the smell of sunscreen. Second to that is the feeling of the summer breeze whipping my hair around with the windows down on a road trip.

Brittany – University of Saint Thomas: The simple pleasure of sitting on the front step with my Mom eating a chocolate dipped cone. And night boating to Jimmy Buffett and Sublime.

Sarabeth – University of Texas: Best part about summer is pool/hot tub parties. fo. sho.

Meg – University of Delaware: My favorite thing about summer is spending time in my backyard in the hammock with my dogs (me and two giant Bernese Mountain Dogs is a liiiiittle toasty…) and drinking every night with my friends on the deck. Oh, and playing manhunt around the neighborhood- yeah, I’m cool like that.

Alex – Lakehead: CAMP! Here in Northern Ontario, we refer to cottages as camps, and there is truly nothing better than a day of waterskiing, saunas and a bonfire with beers.

Charlsie – Hollins University: My favorite thing about summer is that every day is a good day to wear a sundress and sandals!

Ricki – University of Michigan: Being able to workout without having to enter a sweaty, smelly, gym.

Kari – Florida State: The best part about summer is opening all the doors and windows, grilling and relaxing in the pool with Coronas!

Candy Dish: We’ll Miss You, Rue
Candy Dish: We’ll Miss You, Rue
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