The Most Ridiculous College Classes Ever

Jezebel did a post this week on the most ridiculous college classes. So I began reminiscing on the most interesting and fun classes I took these past two years in college. While many of my courses were focused toward my majors and completing my GE’s, I always try to plan out my schedule so I can take one fun class each year. At Syracuse, there’s one course that always gets full enrollment and by full I mean more than 300+ students. Human Sexuality with Joseph Fanelli on Wednesday and Thursday nights was probably the highlight of my sophomore year during the fall. Not only because everyone there wanted to be there, but JP (his nickname) was so chill that he practically didn’t care what anyone did as long as we showed up. The course is pretty self-explanatory, but I gotta say, every year he shows a birthing video to the class, and every year someone walks out in the middle and throws up in the restroom. Yeah….it really makes you never want to have babies again when you see a baby literally EMERGE from someone’s vagina.

Another course I plan to take my senior year is Beer and Wine. Yes, as the title suggests, you basically sit in a classroom and pretend you’re sophisticated enough to know what the hell you’re drinking. Pinot Grigio? Sure! Chardonnay? Why not? Blue Moon? With a slice of orange, please. People usually leave class each week with a light buzz around mid-afternoon. Which is pretty normal for college students…so why not get credit for it? They do require everyone to be 21 before they can take the class. I can fully justify this course by telling myself that by taking Beer and Wine, I’m opening myself to a different class of sophistication. Boo-yah college.

Last but not least, another class I’m looking forward in taking is African Dancing. Another class that is pretty self-explanatory but apparently, people say this is a course that actually takes major effort. Flailing arms and flowing hair aside, I’m hoping the instructor will play some Simba-like music. That always gets my blood flowin’.

What are some of the most ridiculous classes you’ve taken or will take in college?

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