MTV Movie Awards: Bring on the Fun… and Hunks

The MTV Movie Awards are on tonight and I think for the first time in a long time, I’m genuinely excited to tune in to see who wins. Usually, I’m only about major movie awards so I can see the beautiful gowns and semi-awkward interviews, but with a host whom I absolutely adore (Aziz Ansari) and a ton of special guests and presenters (uhhhhh…I guess Jersey Shore sorta counts), this may be one of the most interesting MTV Movie Awards yet.

Here are just a few things I’m looking forward to.

Two words: Tom Cruise.
He’s been making airwaves with his cameos as the potty-mouth, take-no-prisoners executive producer Les Grossman (who first showed up from the superbly funny movie Tropic Thunder). I only hope he’ll come up on stage with his big hands, jump on a couch, gyrate across the stage (in his undies?) and then continue to bitch everyone in the audience out. Classic Tom and classic Les.

The adorable, self-deprecating host, Aziz Ansari.
The MTV Movie Awards usually has pretty good taste with their choices of hosts who are normally pretty funny and likeable. But seriously, who doesn’t love funny men and even more so, funny Indian men. Yah, Aziz isn’t your typical Hollywood hunk, but he’s super endearing. I want him. Yum.

The prolific return of Sandra Bullock.
If ya’ll haven’t picked up my love and respect for Ms. Sandy, I don’t know where you’ve been (or what you’ve got stored up in that place where your heart is supposed to be). She’s going to make her first debut appearance ever since her cheating, lying scum of a husband, Jesse James, cheated on her with multiple women. It’s saying a lot about Sandy by her showing up to the MTV Movie Awards. She’ll be accepting MTV’S Generation Award, which is similar to the Academy’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Ten bucks she gets a standing ovation.

The Twilight Hunks. Yes I really, truly hate Twilight. But I’m not opposed to the men. Robert Pattinson is way too whiny and pale for my taste but Taylor? I would turn shewolf for him. He’s legal now right?

The Other Hunks.
Bradley Cooper, Jason Segel, the boys from The Hurt Locker…. So. many. delicacies.

The Golden Girl.
Betty White. She better show up, or I’ll be upset.

The Best Kiss Award.
Remember when The Notebook won and Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams totally made out for like 5 mins on stage. That was hot. I’m hoping for a repeat between Zoe Saldaña and Sam Worthington….only not blue or freakishly tall like they were in “Avatar.”

The fashion, DUH.
Let’s be honest, no one (read: me) would tune in for the pre-show, the actual show and the post-show if it weren’t for the fashion. Everyone knows that the MTV awards always draw the fiercest, trendiest and sometimes wackiest looks, and I can’t wait to see what the stars pull out. Will there be some Lil’ Kim nipple tassels? A Johnny Depp flannel-around-the-waist moment? And what the hell is J-Woww gonna be wearing?

Well, I guess it’s only a few short hours until we find out!

I’ve got my popcorn …er… who am I kidding? I”ll  be snacking on some cookie dough with a spoon. Don’t judge! It’s good and it’s the only thing worthy of tonight’s big show. And it’s ready to go. Bring on the award show!

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