Intern Diaries: Let Internship Season Begin!

A little bit of work and a whole lot of Facebook creepin'.

For most college students, summer means one thing: an unpaid internship. We’ve been there and we feel your pain. Whether you’re making copies, making coffee runs, or just trying to make your mark on the industry of your dreams, it’s much easier to get through it all with a little help from your (CollegeCandy) friends. So come back every week to listen/sympathize with/vent with our anonymous intern as she does her thang at a big time magazine in New York City. Because let’s be honest, what else do you have to do in that cubicle all day?

Ah, the joys of working nine hour days for free, of basically being known as the office bitch, and of never knowing if your dedicated hard work will ever actually turn into the job of your dreams.

These are the joys of being an intern.

And I, being the lucky girl that I am, have been experiencing these joys for the last 5 months, and will continue to through the end of the summer. As the editorial intern for a very popular celebrity gossip magazine in the heart of Manhattan, I go through most of the stereotypical hardships you hear about when you think of the word ‘intern’. However, there are definitely some perks too. (Come on, I wouldn’t be here this long if there weren’t.) Not only do I get to attend VIP events throughout the city, and sometimes get the thrill of seeing my name in print in this well-known publication, but I also get to meet and interview celebs – and as a huge Hollywood junkie, that is a big deal for me.

When I first started at the magazine, I was excited and ready to learn about everything. Even though I graduated college last May and had expected to find a paying job already, I still felt lucky to have scored an internship at such a popular magazine. I assumed I would be busy all the time and quickly outshine the other interns, thus securing myself a full-time position.

And things have turned out a bit differently…

Sometimes, interning means sitting around and doing a whole lot of nothing – which obviously translates to spending hours on Facebook and memorizing the social lives of every person you’ve ever known. At least I was relieved in knowing I didn’t have to deal with any ‘Devil Wears Prada’ type editors – just one cranky one, only a few who thought they were better then everyone, and some brown nosing fellow interns.

I quickly got used to the way things went around the office – the interns were to sit quietly at our computers and wait to be told what to do. We got lunch for the senior editors on a daily basis a few blocks away, and had to eat our own lunch at our desks. We had to be there by 9:30 in the morning and had to stay until at least 6:30 – and on Mondays, we had to stay even later to do a Starbucks run, meaning our day could easily last for 12 hours. Not to mention we had to deal with our editor/coordinator, who picked favorites and gave them all of the good stuff.

But, there were also some pretty awesome moments during those cold, wintery months. Like the time Justin Bieber came in for one of the staff luncheons and he sang to us (Bieber fever, anyone?); when I got to go to New York Fashion Week and sit directly behind Brooke Shields (I might have been more focused on the back of her head then the beautiful clothes); or the time that Shawn White came in and said hi to me (I still think about it to this day). And the fact that all of those long hours together turned into intern happy hours.

This summer, I’m the intern who has been there the longest. I don’t know whether to feel proud or embarrassed about this, but hey, whatever. At least I can rest assured with the knowledge that I will continue to know not only all of the juicy details of Hollywood, but also everything about my friends’ Facebooks and Twitters.

Sandra Kissed ScarJo… Why Do We Care?
Sandra Kissed ScarJo… Why Do We Care?
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