Sandra Kissed ScarJo… Why Do We Care?

Someone must have put Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” on repeat this weekend because it seems like there was a spike in Hollywood girl-on-girl action.  Were these lip locks shocking?  Maybe.  A little lame?  I think so.  Is the media abuzz talking about them?  You betcha.

First, Miley Cyrus kissed one of her dancers on Britain’s Got Talent.  Then, (oops!) she did it again in London nightclub, G-A-Y.  Scantily clad Cyrus is surprised you would even be talking about these alleged kisses.  She took to her blog saying, “I promise you I did not kiss her and it is ridiculous that two entertainers cant [sic] even rock out with each other without the media making it some type of story.”

While I wouldn’t quite use her wording, I’ve got to hand it to Miley- she might have a point here.  Why is it such a big deal for two female entertainers to kiss (or faux-kiss) on stage?  This is not new territory.

Jump to Sandra Bullock, someone who wanted to create a stir by kissing Scarlett Johannson at last night’s MTV Movie Award.  Girlfriend is coming out of nasty divorce and needed to switch the focus off her private life.  In a sure-bet move, Scarlett jumped Sandy in front of the cameras for less-than-lusty results.  No, no one remembers Jesse James after that stunt.  But come on people, it was awkward, predictable and, quite frankly, boring. Plus, it’s not the first time Sandra played tonsil hockey with a lady; does no one remember her moment with Meryl Streep?

Why do we care about this as much as we apparently do?

Who remembers when Madonna and Britney first pioneered this now-tired tactic on the VMAs?  That was good!  Heck, that was explosive!  Britney was the reigning princess of pop and Madonna was a living legend (and who invited Christina Aguilera?).  It was a match made in PR hype heaven.  Their outfits were amazing, and the kiss was just hot enough that high school boys everywhere had to strategically place their textbooks for days following.

But look, that was 2003.  This is 2010.  I’d like to think that, as a society, we’ve moved on from dropping our jaws every time It-Girls get steamy with each other.  It’s the ultimate orchestrated publicity stunt, and they’re not even making it to second base!  At this point, getting excited about faux lesbians is like getting excited over iPods and wireless Internet.  Been there, seen that.

How about we stop trivializing a kiss between two women and find something else to talk about? Like that smooch between Russel Brand and Jonah Hill?? Now that was something….

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