Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Custom Magazine Ad Envelopes

Technology is amazing, we can all attest to that (especially if you’re reading this online on the best website ever. I <3 the Internet.) But technology,  has also made things, like the way in which we communicate, a lot less personal.

With the Internet, texting, cell phones, and every other quick mode of communication, we speak to each other differently than how we used to.

What we’ve gained in convenience, we’ve lost in finesse and beauty. Instead of beautiful, handwritten letters, we send and receive quick and short emails filled with LOLs and emoticons. I can’t tell you the last time I actually wrote something down and the last letters I received were from Bank of America and a summons for jury duty. Lame.

So with graduation coming up (5 MORE DAYS… AHHHHH!), I wanted to find a cheap and chic way to send letters to my friends once we’ve all gone our separate ways. But custom stationary and envelopes can be expensive, so I created a way to get the custom envelope look without breaking the bank!

What You’ll Need:
4×6 or 5×7 envelopes, any color
: These can be really cheap, basic envelopes. You can buy these in packs at stationary stores or most convenience stores!
A magazine or two: You’ll use magazine pages and fun advertisements for the outside of your envelope.
Glue stick
Plain white labels – Optional. This will be where you’ll write the destination address. You can pick these up at any office supply store.

What You’ll Do:
1. Carefully take apart the envelope by opening it completely. Be very careful so you do not rip the envelope base. Just carefully pull apart the bottom flap of the envelope from the sides.

2. Pick a bright, fun magazine advertisement. Pick anything you want! Make sure to slowly rip out the magazine page.

3. Using your glue stick, cover the outside of your opened envelope with glue.

4. Glue the opened envelope onto the back side of the magazine advertisement or page you’ve chosen. Press down and smooth.

5. Now cut the glued magazine page to the envelope’s size, trimming away any extra magazine page. This will leave you with a covered opened envelope.

6. Reassemble your envelope with the glue stick. Fold in the side flaps. Fold up the bottom flap of the envelope and glue to the side flaps. Now you should have a glamorous magazine ad covered envelope!

7. Use a plain white label sticker to write the destination address and place it on the front of the envelope. Or you can use gel pens, a dark Sharpie, or any other color to write your address on your new envelope (depending on the color of your advertisement).

8. Write a letter, thank you card, or note and send them away in style in your new, one-of-a-kind envelopes. Your friends will love receiving letters from you!

The Post-Grad Journey: Me, Myself, and I on the Road!
The Post-Grad Journey: Me, Myself, and I on the Road!
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