The Food Network Cooks Up Some Seriously Great Summer TV

I have a confession: I cannot cook to save my life.  If someone was to ask me what my specialty dishes were, my answer would be cereal and half-burnt toast.  I know I’m not the only one out there who suffers from “I’d rather just call for take out” disease.  But despite my kitchen (er….top-of-my-mini-fridge) shortcomings, I’m 100% obsessed with The Food Network.

Some people say it’s because it’s edited like porn (which makes me feel a bit dirty), but I just can’t get enough. There’s just always something to watch and drool over. And you never have to know what happened on a previous episode of Giada to enjoy whatever she’s cooking up this time (like homemade churros? OMG.) Whether its an episode of Mario Batali and his perfect gnocchi between classes, or a full day Food Network Challenge marathon – sugar showpieces, anyone? – The Food Network is my TV go-to. And now that it’s summer and all my favorite network TV shows are over for the year (until Jersey Shore starts in July…), I’m ever so grateful for my BFFs at TFN. They’re cooking up some delicious summer TV, which means I’ll have plenty to do on rainy days and too-sunburnt-t0-move nights.

The Next Food Network Star

In what promises to be another fun and dramatic season, Food Network is premiering NFNS June 6th at 9pm.  Expect lots of changes for season six as the set is moved to LA and Giada De Laurentiis (!!) is introduced as the contestants’ new mentor.  The new California backdrop guarantees fresh, locally inspired dishes and star-studded guest appearances from A-Listers including Eva Longoria Parker and Colbie Caillat.  Be sure to set your TiVos or plan to watch in real-time as the judges decide who has enough star quality to host a show of their own (that can be added to your weekly rotation next year!).

Giada’s Weekend Getaways

Since I can’t afford that trip to Cabo, I might as well watch the ever-glamorous Giada De Laurentiis dine her way through a handful of picturesque, wish-I-was-there destinations.  A quick jaunt to the Hamptons?  I’m in!  Last minute trip Jackson Hole?  Why not!  Giada will show you the best culinary creations (homegirl eats som ridiculous desserts) each location has to offer, all in 30 minutes.  It’s like a bite-sized vacation without leaving your couch! Bonus: sometimes her hottie husband meets up with her, making the episodes that much sweeter.

What Would Brian Boitano Make?

I’ve been completely remiss on this one until I caught an episode online a few days ago.  In this amazingly funny show, Brian Boitano proves to viewers everywhere that he can successfully skate from the Olympic ice rink into his chef’s apron.  In each what-will-he-do-next episode, Brian entertains guests and sashays through the kitchen with gold medal culinary skills and a hint of jazz hands.  Don’t make the same mistake I did; be sure to work this one into your schedule.

Barefoot Contessa

I’m not sure who I love more – Ina Garten or her adorable husband, Jeffrey.  The contessa herself will be cooking up mouthwatering dishes featuring fresh ingredients straight from Hamptons’ roadside produce stands and locally owned grocery shops.  Oh, and a ton of butter. Paula Deen isn’t the only one pouring that in to every dish. As if this and her soothing voice weren’t reason enough to watch, her table always features fabulous guests and Jeffrey can often be spotted chopping an onion or sampling some marinara. Adorable.

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

Guy Fieri won 2006’s Next Food Network Star, proving not only that the show can produce mega network stars, but that my dream of traveling the country and eating fried things is totally possible.  Seriously, the guy is living the dream, but as much as I want to hate Guy and his spikey, bleached hair, I just can’t. He’s amazing and can take the biggest bites I have ever seen. (What? That’s not a turn-on to anyone else?) Plus, as he samples mammoth burgers and greasy onion rings, you can’t help but wish you could be there with him.  I’m not joking when I say I’ve been tempted to drive to some of these mom-and-pop joints, especially when they’re close to my house! Tune in and see if your town holds any of these good ol’ fashioned diner, drive-in, or dives… or plan a trip around the ridiculous places Guy pops into.

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