I Love Your Style: Sanoe Lake

Who or what inspires your style? Many of us use Hollywood A-listers (like Diablo Cody) or movie characters (like Annie Hall) as style inspiration, even though, most of the time, they are being dressed from head to toe by the best stylists.

Which we don’t have.

And sometimes it’s damn near impossible to work their Hollywood looks into our not-so-Hollywood lives. I’ve made it my mission to tap into the mind of a fashion stylist and show you how to take your style inspiration – whatever it may be – and make it more you!

Sometimes in this (awesome) summer heat, the last thing on our minds isn’t what else we can add to an outfit to showcase our style, but how many layers we can remove without flashing too much skin or, worse, a nipple. And if I had to name one person who balances this all out perfectly, it’s Sanoe Lake.

Not familiar with her? Well, this part-surfer part-actress is part-Japanese, part-English and part-Hawaiian, the perfect combo for her breakout role in Blue Crush. (Which, like to admit it or not, you know you stop to watch when it’s on TNT on a Saturday.) In the movie, you don’t get to see much of Sanoe’s style as she’s either wearing a hotel maid uniform or rocking her bathing suits (and the occasional board-short).  But off the movie set, Sanoe takes her cool, laid-back surfer style with her, which makes for some pretty gnarly (in a good way) style. She’s a surfer girl from the waves to the street, and she does it well.

Sanoe’s style isn’t cool because she cares about all things fashion, but because she doesn’t.  Her main focus is on the water and what she wears is just an afterthought. Still, she pulls together a look that is cool, chill and a total fashion inspiration to anyone who sees her. The fact that she can do that without even trying? Well, that makes her an under-the-radar fashion icon.

Sunglasses, Hair Wrap, Shorts, Rope Bracelet, Wood Bracelets, Shirt, Shoes, Swimsuit

The key to getting Sanoe’s look is to make it seem like you’re not trying to get Sanoe’s look. I know, it’s backwards, but the whole “I don’t care” vibe is what makes or breaks this look. To start, you need a swimsuit. You can’t be a surfer girl without one and, well, it’s essential under that gorgeous crochet tank that screams summer goddess. Pair those with the frayed shorts for the “I don’t care if they’re torn, get me to the beach” look and some casual gladiator sandals (because comfort is key for this style).

As for accessories, think bohemian meets city girl. Mix chunky and sparkly bracelets (city) with more natural braided ones (bohemian). Big sunglasses add a hint of diva, but the printed head scarf is very beachy. (Not to mention, both pieces double as protection from harsh sun rays and add total badassness). Put it all together and you’ve got a flawless summer look.

Even if you aren’t about to ride a wave.
Or never, ever have.

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