In Our Makeup Bag: NYX Girls Round Lipgloss in Whipped

Is it just me or is there another “revolutionary” new makeup product introduced every freaking day?! Just walking into Ulta or Sephora (or even Walgreens!) sends many chicas into fits of hysteria, reaching for the nearest brown bag to regulate their breathing. It’s all so overwhelming. So how can you know which product – among the sea of thousands – is the best? Which does what you need it to do? Which ones are worth the extra money? Let me help. I don’t know every beauty product out there, but I’ve tested a lot of them and I’ll let you know which are worth the money and which are not.

(Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me for review purposes. Because I can never have too much makeup!)

What it is: NYX Girls Round Lipgloss in Whipped

Why this should be in your bag: A nude lipgloss is a must! It’s perfect for when you’re rocking a dramatic eye or just feel like a change from your usual pink lip. I also find that a nude gloss is a lot softer and easier to wear than lipstick. Whipped is a great nude shade with some hints of pink in it rather than brown, making it good for fair and dark-skinned girls alike! Oh, and it’s cheap, and since I don’t like to wear nude gloss as often as pink, I don’t want it to break my bank.

How to use it: Nude gloss can be applied like any other lip gloss, by simply swiping it across your lip and using multiple applications for more color. If you’re looking for a really nude lip, use a nude lip-liner prior to applying the gloss. Total blank-out as far as color goes. My preferred way to wear this gloss is simply just on my natural lip color. It noticeably lightens and gives a great shine. The applicator is nice too, as I prefer the doe-foot to the wands and makes for easy application.

Spend the cash or simply pass? SPEND. You cannot go wrong with this gloss. I’ve heard complaints about the strange cleaner-like scent of NYX lip products, and have experienced them myself. BUT, it seems that they’ve revamped the formula as 3 of the last 4 I purchased all had new, less-intense scents. So for $2 you’re getting a great lip gloss with good pigmentation, no stickiness and no strange smells. How could you pass this up?

I look forward to purchasing many more of these and found them comparable to much more pricey glosses. Well done, NYX!

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