The 6 Girlfriends Every Girl Needs to Have

I think I blinked three times during the entire 147 minute showcase of Sex and the City 2.  I didn’t want to miss a single drool-worthy second of high fashion, I couldn’t stop fathoming how well Aiden had aged and I didn’t want to miss any of Carrie’s one-liner snippets of advice. And while soaking it all in, I noticed something else.

As we all know, each woman in SATC is incredibly different. You’ve got Samantha the sex-fiend, Miranda the serious one, Charlotte the traditionalist, and Carrie the un-traditionalist. They’re opposing forces, but they come together to make something wonderful and long lasting.

Without the extreme diversity of each woman, would the friendships embedded in Sex and the City be as interesting and strong? What if the show was based off of four friends like Samantha? Besides there being lots of ‘she-banging’ would it work?


Think about your group of friends. If it’s anything like mine, you are all very different from one another. And that’s why you love them. We need diversity in our friendships because everyone brings a little somethin’ different to the table and you take a little from every single one. Knowing what every college girl needs in her life, I’ve compiled a list of the 6 friends every girl needs to keep around for the long haul:

1. The Motivated Friend
We all need a friend like this when you’ve been sprawled out on your couch watching E! Network all day.  You can spot this friend right away Freshman year of college. She’s the first of your friends involved in clubs on campus.  Sophomore year, she’s become the president of a club. Junior year, she has an awesome internship. Senior year, she’s landed a sweet job before you’ve even graduated. Sure, she’ll probably make you feel a little less than along the way, but she’ll also light a fire under your ass to succeed.

2. The Rock Solid Friend
She’s your BFF. The ‘go-to-gal’ you find to whine to, talk to, cry to, and who will love you and shove a bag of Doritos in your face when you need it most. She’s trustworthy and loyal.  She has so much dirt on your life you could plant a garden of your secrets (sorry, bad analogy).  You went to your first frat party together and shared your last. If all goes well (and she keeps those secrets to herself) she will be winking at you during her bridesmaid speech at your wedding.

3. The Party Friend
I also like to refer to this buddy as your wing-woman.  If you’re sitting restlessly in your room craving a night out in the town and all of your other (boring) friends aren’t going out on a Tuesday night, she is your girl. After you shoot her a ‘out tonight?’ T-bomb and wait for the ‘DUH’ response, she will be at your place, donning a mini-dress, in 30 minutes flat. She’s always up for anything, be it shotgunning beers, scoping out dudes, singing karaoke, or whatever other ridiculous ideas (“Let’s jump in the foutntain!”) you come up with as the night unfolds.

4.The Wise Friend
She may not be Buddha, but she knows pretty much everything.  She knows how to cook raw chicken, exactly what to say to the boy in a text message, and how to perfect a seriously beautiful resume. She takes you to the best happy hours, shows you the coolest internship opportunities and knows all about red wine.  She seems well beyond her years as a college student (and sometimes makes you feel like you have the IQ of a toddler), but when she’s dishing out her latest advice, it’s totally OK by you.

5. The Gossip Friend
She’s got the dish on everyone. And you want to know the dish on everyone. Match made in heaven.

6. The Warrior Friend
She will stick up for you in any situation.  She will scream at the bouncer after you got caught sneaking your own flask into the bar. She will never forgive the a-hole who stood you up back in high school. She will get up in anybody’s face for you and has pulled you out of more holes than you can count on one hand. She’ll be there through thick (think: bouncer’s necks) and thin (think: super skinny bitch who stole your man), no matter what.

Wit these six girls, you can get through anything, from the wildest party night to the worst breakup in history.

Which friend are you?

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