Coupled. And Giving Gifts

Every year, by the time the second week in June rolls around, two things happen to me. 1) I start obsessively checking my calendar to make sure that Father’s Day isn’t this Sunday and 2) I start freaking out about what to get David for his birthday.

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like the longer our relationship goes on, the greater the pressure there is to give him a seriously kick ass gift. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s “the thought that counts” and yes, David would be equally happy with an iPod or a 3 day cruise (speaking from experience…unless he was just faking his excitement to make me feel better). I just love the process of finding the perfect gift for my perfect boyfriend. (I feel the same way about gift giving in general. It takes me a solid 2 months to Christmas shop.) And after 2 and a half years, I’ve built a pretty impressive record for gift giving.

Of course there are the times when I get it totally wrong (I thought getting him a sex toy for graduation was both hilarious and practical- he did not agree), and those are the gifts that haunt my memory while I try to find his 23rd birthday present.

It can be hard shopping for your boyfriend. You know him so well, you should be able to spot from a mile away the thing or experience he’d love most. But, unfortunately it’s not always that easy. So whether you’ve got a boyfriend with a summer birthday, your anniversary is coming up, or you just want to surprise him with a little something, I’ve compiled a go-to boyfriend gift guide. Happy shopping!

Hobby Gifts

Does your man have a passion or pastime that he absolutely loves? What about getting him an upscale accessory? David is chess obsessed, so I’ve been trolling the internets to find a nice chess set for him. Does your boyfriend love poker? Check out this Texas Hold ‘Em chip set with a table (and it’s only $99!) For bonus points, tell him to invite the boys over for a poker night, complete with man-food and his favorite beer provided by you.

Dating an athlete?

Well, even if you’re not, chances are the guy you’re dating loves a certain sport (or all of them). If he’s baseball obsessed check out this cool score ticker. David’s been obsessed with it since he saw it at the mall, so it’s definitely on my list of possibilities for him. If your man is more the kind of guy who likes to get in on the action, think about signing him up for a sports league. Depending on where you live and what sport you register him for, prices range from around $50- $75 for seasons that last for a few months. A lot of leagues have happy hour specials and post-game sponsor bars with drink specials included in the registration fee.

Road Trip!

Take advantage of summer time, gas up your tank and pack him a weekend bag without him noticing. Tell him you guys have to go run errands, and hit the open road. Blind folds are optional (and awesome) and so is telling him where you’re headed. Check out what deals are around where you’re living. Hit an amusement park for the weekend (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is calling my name), see if you can rent a beachfront condo (or better yet, ask a friend or relative if you can stay there for two nights), check out last minute hotel deals near the beach. Even if you stay in or near your hometown, staying in a sweet hotel will make it feel like a vacay. And the weather is gorgeous (but the mosquitoes haven’t noticed yet) so why not go camping for the weekend? Use your imagination and get excited to totally sweep your boyfriend off his feet.

If all else fails…turn to video games.

No matter how old he’s turning, he probably still loves video games. Here are the hottest video games out right now, ranked by sales. Just make sure you get a game that’s compatible with his system, and when in doubt, call his best friend to ask what they’ve been playing lately.

What’s the next gift you’re thinking of giving your boyfriend? Do you have a tried and true method for picking the perfect present? If so, let’s hear it!

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Men Are More Emotional Than Woman. Wait, What?!
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