Men Are More Emotional Than Woman. Wait, What?!

"She hung up without saying 'I love you.' Waaaah"

Remember those nights when you spent 5+ hours talking on the phone with your girlfriends about what your man friend was trying to tell you when he texted you, “Good Night” with a winky face? Well ladies, you’re not alone. A recent study has shown that men actually over-analyze and get more emotional about relationships than women do!

Yup, when we’re not looking or listening (usually because The Bachelorette is on…), our beaus are secretly going to their dude friends and discussing the ups and downs in their love lives.

I guess we’ve been wrong all along about the idea that men never talk about their feelings with their broskeez and how they don’t care about their relationships with their significant others. In actuality, it might be all they talk about when they’re alone! All those times they told us they were goin’ to “chill with the dudes,” our boyfriends were probably spooning, crying and spilling the beans about their feelings over a cup of tea and a biscotti.

We’ve been so wrong for so long. I imagine this is how things are really going down during bro time.

What They Told Us: “Grabbing some drinks at the bar to watch the game.”
What’s Really Going On: “She didn’t say I love you back, dude.” <Chugs beer.>

What They Told Us: “Gonna grab some pizza and watch the game at Steve’s.”
What’s Really Going On: “WTF does ‘Fine. Get pizza with your boys” mean? Should I go to her place? Should I call her? What if she’s mad at me?”

What They Told Us: “Going to play some basketball.”
What’s Really Going On: Going to play some basketball to work out the frustration from those cryptic, one-word answers you’re always giving me.”

What They Told Us: “I’m going to see Avatar with Seth again”
What’s Really Going On: He’s really catching a movie with Seth….and Dylan and Thomas and Blake. They all gathered to help your man in his emergency crisis of what to get you for your 1 year anniversary. “It’s gotta be special.”

What They Told Us: “It’s Monday Night Football!”
What’s Really Going On: Okay, sure. Monday Night Football. But they’re also overanalyzing how you’re going to grab coffee with that old male friend of yours back from high school.

God, boys are such babies. If only they were more emotionally stable like us ladies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go spend the next 3 hours reminding my friend that she deserves way better than that jerk who dumped her.

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