My Day on the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet [VIDEO]

So this is awesome.

On Sunday night while the rest of the world (or at least those of us with a baby crush on Aziz Ansari) was sitting at home watching the MTV Movie Awards, I was there. On the red carpet. Trying to get Jason Segel to take advantage of me interview all the cool celebs as they made their way into the big show. And besides the extremely hot temperature of L.A. on a June afternoon, it was pretty effing rad.

All your favorite stars were there: Snooki (sans poof!), LiLo (in a sequined pants-suit-jumper–whaaat?), Paul Rudd (sigh), and Snoop (who loved CollegeCandy – obvi). There was also tons of media, tons of people who try to act important but really aren’t (Stephanie Pratt, I’m looking at you!) and there were lots of girls who really, really could use a cookie (and not the vegan kind that are abundant in LA. I’m talking the really large, frosted, full of trans-fat crap kind of cookie that will help said girls look more like a bootylicious babe and less like those emaciated kids you see on TV that you can help save for a mere $1 a day.) Boys were rocking skinnier jeans than any pair in my closet, girls were wearing dresses so short I became convinced Britney made it cool for L.A. girls to flash their bits.

And we saw them all up close and (way too) personal.

We talked to some of your favorite reality stars and were back for a second year with our dry erase board sign, putting the girls who posed with it at ease by telling them that we are not – hand to god – a porn site, while at the same time disappointing every male celeb with that same piece of information.

And here’s how it all went down: who we saw, who we stalked, and who we screamed at as they walked by us to get out of the hot, summer sun.

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