The 30 Most Overrated Guys in Hollywood

Remember that time you fell in love with that baby-faced Canadian kid who got his start on Youtube, that shy vampire actor with the British accent, or that awkward-yet-charming guy from Arrested Development and then everyone else fell in love with them and talked about them every day and they were everywhere you looked and you secretly started praying for their demise?

The celebrity rise from a nobody to an overrated celeb happens so quickly these days that it’s hard to keep track of who you love and who you hate. Thankfully for you, we’ve created (with a little inspiration from Guyism’s 66 Most Overrated Women of 2010) the ultimate list of the 30 most overrated guys in Hollywood right now. In no specific order…

[Click on the pic to get even more of their overrated-ness.]

1. Ed Westwick

In short, this guy has worn one too many fedoras and ascots for me to take him seriously as sexy or even remotely heterosexual. And that weird “I’m trying not to fart” look he always seems to have on his face certainly doesn’t help matters.

2. Orlando Bloom

I never really understood this craze. All I see is a guy with a goatee and long black curls who happened to play the supporting roles of a pirate and an elf in some hit movies. I just don’t get it.

3. Ryan Reynolds

Don’t get me wrong, he’s definitely hot but definitely not hot enough to be married to Scarlett Johansson. And, really, eventually this piece of white bread is gonna rom-com out and then he’ll just be the guy who was in The Proposal with Sandra Bullock.

4. A-Rod

Someone remind me why two of Hollywood’s most gorgeous stars (Cameron Diaz + Kate Hudson) are fighting over this guy? I mean I know he’s a Yankee but other than that, from the sheer looks of him… there must be something I’m missing here. Plus, HE’S RECENTLY BEEN INSIDE OF A WOMAN WHO’S THE SAME AGE AS MY MOTHER. Somehow, that’s just hard for me to overlook.

5. Ken Jeong

Where did this guy come from (besides out of the back of a classic Mercedes, naked)? Sure, he’s funny when other people are writing his lines in The Hangover and on Community, but does he really deserve to share a stage with Ed Helms? Short answer: hell f**king no.

6. Matthew McConaughey

There’s a reason why Chelsea Handler calls this guy “Matthew McCona-gay.” The guy peaked in The Wedding Planner, a movie co-starring J-Lo, and it’s been all downhill from there. We’re all sick of him. He should just do us all a favor: put on a shirt, take a shower and get over himself already.

7. Adrian Grenier

Is it just me or is it hard to take this guy’s supposed sex appeal in Entourage seriously when you know he once starred beside Melissa Joan Hart in that teen film Drive me Crazy?

8. Mario Lopez

Alright, alright I’ll admit it. He has an absolutely insane body but behind those washboard abs and boyish dimples all I see is Slater from Saved By the Bell sitting backwards in a chair in an obscenely psychedelic collared shirt and curly mullet. You can’t fool me, Lopez.

9. Josh Hartnett

I still remember when that whole Hartnett phase was running rampant during his Black Hawk Down days. However, I think pictures like this – along with my dreaded fear that his eyebrows would someday fully connect -stood in the way of me ever fully being on board with the Hartnett love-fest.

10. Ryan Seacrest

Although not altogether bad looking facially, something about a guy needing to wear high heels in order to look even moderately average in height next to me just doesn’t seem to cut it in my book. Definitely not worth his $45 million deal with American Idol.

11. Conan O’Brien

Did you watch Conan on The Tonight Show before NBC canned him? Probably not, hence the reason he got the boot. His ratings were crap and for good reason: his show just wasn’t that good. The guy is funny, yes, but he’d never be getting the international love or giant TBS paycheck if he weren’t involved in the late night scandal of the century.

12. Colin Farrell

From bad boy to boring in record time.  All those illegitimate children and baby mamas killed whatever mojo he had working. Though I’m still trying to figure out what that mojo was.

13. Russell Brand

Bringing us back to a time when teased hair, heavy eyeliner, and open shirts were the height of sophistication, why do we love this guy so much? He should be doing photos for rehab pamphlets, not Katy Perry.  Thumbs down for this quirky Brit.

14. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Yes, all the nekkid time he gets on The Tudors is more than a little enjoyable, but his performance in Match Point was way too convincing for me.  Why would you be attracted to someone with those crazy eyes?  WHY?

15. Chace Crawford

Aw, isn’t she precious?  If you like your men coiffed, tweezed, rouged, and lip glossed, Chace is your [wo]man. Come on, he should be starring in an episode of Toddlers & Tiaras, not as the Upper East Side’s premier hottie in Gossip Girl.

16. Justin Bieber

I’ve found the cure for Bieber Fever.  It’s called puberty.  Time we all move on to someone old enough to vote.

17. Patrick Dempsey

Ladies, admit it to yourselves: McDreamy is getting McOld (and not in a George Clooney way).  Sure, he was hot in the first season of Grey’s Anatomy.  We were amazed at how he transformed from his awkward ’80s movie phase, how he got his hair under control and put on a little (just a little) muscle.  Now, in 2010, I feel like we’ve seen all the tricks up this doctor’s sleeves.

18. Johnny Depp

How this guy keeps winning People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” I’ll never know. He wears more flannel than I did in 1994 and it seems like it’s been that long since he last stepped foot in a shower.

19. Robert Pattinson

Because a rat’s nest on your head and rumors of body odor are totally sexy.  Not.  I really don’t understand the worldwide fascination with this dude.  What do you see here that’s so appealing?  His face isn’t even symmetrical!

20. Taylor Lautner

Another gorgeous bod, but have you ever heard this guy open his mouth? No? That’s a good thing. There’s just not much goin’ on in there.  He just kind of smiles and stands there while his muscles bulge out of his shirt. Yawn.

21. The Situation

Seriously?  He doesn’t even have a real name. The Situation.  He sounds like Bono or Prince…except totally talentless and worse for the future of our planet than an epic BP oil leak.

22. Michael Cera

He was great in Juno.  And Juno 2.  And Juno 3.  Oh wait, those were different movies?  I want to see this kid doing SWAT team psycho-thrillers or the A-Team 2, then maybe I’ll pay attention again.

23. Zac Efron

He has a knack for dribbling to the beat of a show tune, but Zac’s High School Musical Days are over. And let’s be honest: the only good thing going for him was his pretty blonde hair. Too bad J. Bieber’s got the same do. Ciao, Efron.

24. The Jonas Brothers

Why were they famous in the first place? Just ’cause young Nick Jonas could sing and the other two decided to tag along in tight pants and skinny ties? Much like gyrating 10-year-olds and the phenomenon that is grown men “moving their hips like this,” I blame Miley for this one.

25. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt used to be a sexy piece of man meat before he cheated on the sweet Jennifer Aniston with homewrecker, Angelina Jolie. Now he just looks like that smelly guy you avoid at Bonaroo.

26. Kellan Lutz

Hot body: check. Uh…erm….what else does this guy have to offer?

27. Ashton Kutcher

So he married a (hot) old lady. Snore. I miss the days when he was making Justin Timberlake cry.

28. Justin Timberlake

He’s the most successful former member of N’SYNC and does the funniest SNL appearances. Which is like saying Lauren Conrad is the smartest girl on The Hills and Kelly Bensimon is the craziest member of The Real Housewives – really, not saying much.

29. Adam Lambert

A weird hybrid of Elton John and Pete Wentz, I just can’t get behind a guy who uses more nail polish, eyeliner and hair product than me. No matter how big his tongue is.

30. Jay-Z

The guy talks. About how rich he is. With music playing in the background. Is that what makes a legendary rap star these days?

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