Miley Makes a Very Good Point

As much as I dislike Miley Cyrus and all her bimbo-ish ways (like when she said she’s never listened to Jay-Z but he’s mentioned in her hit, “Party in the U.S.A”), this girl really speaks her mind and sometimes, she’s spot on. Like her recent comments on the painstakingly obvious double standard that young, female entertainers have to live up to in the entertainment industry.

Lately, Miley’s received a lot of flack for her onstage antics, from her revealing bondage-like costumes to her pseudo-lesbian kiss. Although, yes, she’s only 17-years-old and is still part of the controlling Disney family which has dictated her persona and image in the past, I think all the controversy surrounding Miley is unwarranted and, most of all, a double standard in an industry that expects their male pop stars to be lusted after (i.e. The Jonas Brothers) while the females remain prim and proper.

I agree with critics who comment that Miley should be a role model for the young girls who have looked up to her since her Hannah Montana days, but to be honest, what Miley is doing now is no different than what other male pop stars have done in the past. Many of them are provocative, crude and most of all, they speak their mind. What makes Miley so different from this other group is the fact she has boobs and a nice body, which automatically puts her in the “slut” category. Because she decides to dress and act to her own liking, people are getting all riled up because she’s no longer the doe-eyed, naive girl she once was.

What’s more, it frustrates me to no end to think about all the young male celebrities out there who have naked pictures of themselves on the internet or are caught doing doing drugs, but the public rarely scolds them for their mishaps. Why? Because guys don’t get the controversy.

Think: can you think of any male pop stars who have been scrutinized as much as Britney or Miley? It’s almost as if people expect these men to do these things and when it all actually happens, everyone excuses them for it. Not convinced? I can think of one perfect example: Chace Crawford and his recent drug arrest. Chace has always been the golden boy from the South whom everyone adored because of his pretty face and nice demeanor. And when he got arrested for possessing an untouched blunt in his car, what happened? Nothing. Yes, he was booked by the police and TMZ published his mugshot, but other than that, no one actually said anything about Chace’s arrest. If this were to happen to any female personality or actress, the aftermath would’ve been astounding and probably detrimental to their careers.

I’ve never liked Miley and always thought she was another Disney mannequin, but I respect her for stating something about the industry that has been so true for so long. For all the scrutiny and bad press they receive from not only the media but also faithful watchdogs (like us), it’s refreshing to see a female pop star take a stance on something as important as this.

You go Miley.

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