From CollegeFashion: 5 Chic Essentials for Working Out

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Ah, summer: a time where your life can be on whatever schedule you please, and you can finally take the time to do something for YOU. One of my personal goals this summer is to get in better shape! I consider myself an athletic person, but there are definitely areas where I could improve. So this summer I’ve signed up for yoga and cardio kickboxing classes, while also incorporating hiking, running track, and weight lifting into my exercise regimen. Whew that’s a variety of stuff, no?

Inspired by my own new exercise routine, I have come up with a list of essentials for anyone who is planning on exercising regularly this summer. Of course, these items are not only useful, but in the spirit of fashion they are also adorable and can really make a statement at the gym!

1. A Cute Duffel or Tote Bag

I bring a tote bag to the gym because I just don’t have the need for a duffel bag: I usually wear my gym clothes and use my tote for my iPod, a water bottle, my keys, my wallet, a hand towel, etc. However, if you are one of those people who prefers to change at the gym and/or swim/shower after your workout, you might want to consider a duffel bag instead. Of course, exploring the locker size at your gym is essential, too, before you buy!

Product Information (clockwise from top): Gym Holdall- ASOS, Roxy Striped Tote- available through Zappos, Orange Workout Bag- Old Navy, Silver Workout Bag- Nike

2. Quick Dry Clothing

I love breaking a sweat at the gym; however, I could definitely do without the sweaty, sticky, gross feeling that comes with it. Solution? Quick dry fabrics! My favorite is Nike Dri-Fit; however, other brands like Under Armour have quick dry clothing, too! If you are really into natural fibers, beware because most quick-dry clothing is made from synthetic materials. If any of you know of any “green” quick-dry brands, leave a comment with the info!

Product Information (clockwise from top): Turquoise Sports Bra, Stretch Capris, Shorts, Blue Tank – all Nike Dri-Fit

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