CollegeCandy’s Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Shopping for a man who constantly tells you to stop shopping is a really tough job.  Father’s Day is right around the corner and I can’t help but feel the tie/socks/homemade tchotchke trifecta is a little overplayed, but what do you get for the man who thinks Teva sandals and pleated khakis are socially acceptable?

Well, I’ve got a few ideas of what he’ll love, as well as a few hints at what to stay away from.

Good Idea: A gift to sponsor a child from Africa
Bad Idea: A positive pregnancy test to sponsor your lovechild.
He’ll feel culturally aware and very on-trend now that Sandra Bullock has joined the club of adoptive parents helping kids in need.  Just make sure it’s not your kid that’s needing the charity.

Good Idea: A subscription to a magazine about on one of his hobbies
Bad Idea: A year’s worth of Playboy.
Cameras, cars, home restoration, and wildlife?  All acceptable.  Bush and boobs?  Not so much.

Good Idea: A new money clip
Bad Idea: A new money clip because you stole his old one last weekend and lost it (and all the money inside) at the bar.
Make it monogrammed, not covered in beer muck and dirt.

Good Idea: A bunch of DVDs he’s been wanting
Bad Idea: The box of old VHS tapes you found in the basement labeled Taxes.
Shutter Island, Invictus, and 2012 have all come out recently and are guaranteed to be guy-friendly.  Give Dad a bonus gift and shove those “Taxes” further back into the closet so Mom doesn’t flip out like it’s 1983 all over again.

Good Idea: Tickets to the Bon Jovi tour
Bad Idea: Tickets to the Glee tour.
Help Dad reminisce on the days when he had big hair, ripped jeans, and a motorcycle babe calendar hanging on the garage wall.  Remember, the gift is for him, not you.

If all else fails, go with the sure bet: buy him a steak and offer to mow the lawn.  Look who’s the favorite daughter now?

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