I’m Over Lady Gaga’s WTF Factor

I used to be an avid Lady Gaga fan. She was quirky, and her music was catchy. I even loved her strange sense of style, telling my friends how awesome it was to finally have a true performer on the music scene. Her music videos, although weird, I tolerated, saying it was what made her, her.

Now, however, I can’t appreciate Lady Gaga for the artist she is.
And with all the bells, whistles, and the generally over-the-top antics, I don’t see how anyone can.

It always goes like this: A new Gaga song comes out and I love it, dance to it, rock out to it with the windows down in the car. I’ll be excited about the release of a new music video. And then said video comes out… and it’s confusing.

No, it’s downright strange.

Take Gaga’s latest music video release for Alejandro. The world was on the edge of their seats wondering what was coming, what she would think of next. Then we finally saw it and I was so distracted by trying to figure out what it meant that I barely realized Alejandro was playing in the background. Why were there men in high heels? And what was with all the (offensive) Catholic references?

It seems that with each new Lady Gaga release, things get stranger. Even when we didn’t think that was possible any more. Remember when Bad Romance hit the interwebs? Yeah, everyone sat at their computers, mouths wide open, asking themselves WTF was going on when those creatures climbed out of those pods. I watched it a dozen times, trying to understand.

And then Telephone came out and suddenly Bad Romance seemed so normal. The video was intense and sexy and creepy and strange, and ruined Telephone for me, because instead of just picturing Lady Gaga dancing at the clubs with a boy bugging her (which is the point of the song, yes?), I had to think of her killing people with Beyonce. While wearing caution tape.

Talk about a buzz kill.

Not to mention, in my opinion, a great director shouldn’t have to explain a music video. (Which, is exactly what’s happening right now.) A story should be evident; that’s what a music video is for. Now I know people are going to tell me I just don’t see the deeper meaning, that it is true art. The thing is, you’re absolutely right. I don’t understand a lot of art, but I’m okay with that. I have taken art history where I stared at modern art for hours, and although I appreciated it for the idea it supposedly represented, I didn’t actually enjoy looking at it. And that’s exactly how I feel about Lady Gaga; sure the cinematography of her music videos is great, and they are…interesting, but they’re also unsettling, and not in a good way.

Honestly, I love Lady Gaga’s music and I respect how she’s challenged the pop music scene, but I just think she’s taken things a bit too far. And at this point, I think she’s becoming more about shocking than entertaining her “little monsters.”

And with the way she’s pushed the envelope thus far, I can’t help but wonder what could she possibly come up with next. To some of you, that’s exciting, but to me, well, I’m just scared.

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