Wardrobe Wish List: Arden B Tie Dye One Shoulder Ruffle Tunic

In the winter months I get really moody.

And I’m not just talking snapping at people on the subway because my skin hasn’t seen the light of day in months and the lack of Vitamin D has sent me into a permanent state of PMS. Not only my overall disposition, but my entire style changes during the winter. It’s part brooding downtown rocker-chick, part sleek uptown-chic. And while it is many things (bad-ass included), one thing it definitely isn’t is colorful.

Which is why when summer comes around I fully embrace the rainbow.

Catch me out at a club now and there will be no trace of the head-to-toe black ensemble complete with chunky rings and metal-chained necklaces. In its place will be a vibrant fuchsia ruffled mini-dress or a white linen pencil skirt and a floral top.

And if you catch me out next week, I just might be rocking the Tie Die One Shoulder Ruffle Tunic from Arden B.

For me, summer outfits are all about fresh silhouettes, fun colors and patterns and comfortable fabrics, and this dress hits all of the criteria on the head. I am obsessed with the one-shoulder trend, it perfectly channels chic, sexy and modern all at once –not an easy feat. This dress kicks the trend up a notch by adding a cascading ruffle detail down one side; adding a dose of flirty movement to an otherwise form-fitting and sexy shape.

The vibrant aqua base is accented by deeper navy and cobalt blues, and it reminds me of a watercolor painting of ocean waves. And finally, the rayon material is a stretch fabric making it move along with you, perfect for a night out busting some moves on the dance floor.

What I might love more than anything is the versatility of this dress. If I happen to pull out some of my darker-winter accessories, the dress will go from whimsical to vixen (I’m thinking sky-high black heels, a cropped leather jacket and some gold chains). But with some mismatched bangles, strap sandals and messy beach hair, the dress becomes uber-feminine and girly.

Ditch the heels for some flip flops and a white cardigan and you’ve got yourself a perfect outfit for brunch with the girls or grandma’s 80th birthday party. Any dress that won’t send granny into a seizure but can still have all eyes turned your way when you strut into a bar is a keeper in my book.

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