Would You Rather…

Is that you, Wednesday?

It’s me, the girl who wants it to be Friday already. The girl who has been up far too late every night reading “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and can’t drag her ass out of bed to get to her internship in the morning. The girl who ran out of clean underwear on Monday and needs a nice, Saturday afternoon to do her laundry. The girl who is about ready to scream if she has to look at one more freaking Excel spreadsheet or get one more GD cup of coffee for her bosses.

Yeah, I’m over you, Wednesday. And the only thing getting me through this long ass day of clerical work and a terrible lunch (so. sick. of turkey sandwiches) is knowing that an ice cold Amstel Light (or 6) is coming my way at 5 p.m. Mmmmm. Refreshing. Too bad those bad boys are gonna leave me feeling fat and achy tomorrow morning…

Which got me thinking:

Would You Rather there be a beer that had zero calories or a beer that didn’t give you a hangover the next day?

Things to Consider: Beer gut, how many calories are in a $1 pitcher, the way you feel at 9am on Sunday morning.

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Vote and tell us why below!

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