The Know: 10 Books You Need to Read Now

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With summer here (or officially four days away) we’ve got lots and lots of free time on our hands. And by that I mean we’re cooped up in our parents house and – god help us – we love our parents, we really, REALLY do, but after about 48 hours back from school we are already counting down until Welcome Week.

There are only so many times one can surf through Perez or watch this week’s episode of the Bachelorette commenting on Ali’s awful spray tan, so what can you do to pass the time? READ. And by read, I mean the books you’ve always wanted to, not the ones required for class that you beg your suitemate for her notes on so you don’t actually have to read them.

The fun books, the good books, the books you can’t put down – so much so you take them with you to pee. The books that are thoughtless and funny and on and on.

So here’s a list of ten of my favorite books, some new, some old, some serious some fun. Go sit on your lawn, make yourself an Arnold Palmer and enjoy.

1. The Help: I just finished this incredible novel – all 450ish pages in three days! It was that good.

2. Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same: Not a major read, but it’s fun, sarcastic and makes a perfect book for your coffee table in your apartment.

3. The Book Thief: Set in World War Two, it’s heavier than your average beach-read, but it’s incredibly well written and a total page turner. Prepare to cry.

4. Ruminations on College Life: Aaron Karo puts the common bond that is the college experience into words SO. freaking. well.

5. Eat Pray Love: Obviously not a newbie, but the movie is coming out in August so now’s the perfect time to read up before watching Julia Roberts eat pizza that looks so good you may just have to study abroad in Rome.

6. Sh*t my Dad Says: First a Twitter, now a show coming to primetime this fall and a hilarious book, all based on this one-of-a-kind dad. And trust me: we can all relate to this to some degree.

7. Escapades of Romantically Challenged Me: A fun, light, chick-lit novel with a main character/heroine you can’t help but fall in love with.

8. Running With Scissors: Augusten Burroughs has the dysfunctional family to end all dysfunctional families and he tells you all about them in this memoir. You’ll laugh, you’ll feel uncomfortable, you’ll laugh some more. And then suddenly your parents won’t seem so bad anymore. The perfect book for a rainy summer day.

9. Food Inc.: It’s time to learn about what you’re really eating. Scary? Yes, but knowledge is power. And in this case, health.

10. We may not be a book (yet), but we’ll make you laugh until you pee. Or laugh while you pee if you’re reading from an iPhone or iPad. Either way.

By the time you finish all of these, two months will have passed and you’ll be back on campus…. reading that boring ish again.

Beer Pong Gets Serious
Beer Pong Gets Serious
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