Gossip Cheat Sheet: Weddings and Photos and… Kidnappings?!

Yikes! It’s been a crazy week! We had a wedding, some engagements, and a divorce (with some possible cheating in the forecast). Plus, Perez is in trouble and a fallen star was kidnapped??

It wouldn’t be Hollywood if it didn’t keep us entertained!


1. Former 7th Heaven star, Jeremy London, was kidnapped last week by two men in Palm Springs. They helped him change his flat tire, and Jeremy offered to give them a ride home since they arrived on foot. The two men forced him at gunpoint to “smoke dope and hand out alcohol” among other things. Jeremy eventually escaped and contacted the police. The poor guy is a recovering drug addict, and this just makes his road to recovery even more difficult. But luckily, authorities have arrested one of the kidnappers, Brandon Adams, and charged him with kidnapping and robbery along with several other charges. Hopefully Jeremy will make a speedy comeback from this crazy ordeal!

2. Harrison Ford and longtime girlfriend Calista Flockheart are married! You thought they were already hitched, didn’t you? Well, they weren’t. But now they are… finally! They had a small ceremony at the Governor’s Mansion in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Calista’s son, Liam, and the governor and his wife as witnesses. How quaint. Congrats!

3. Al Gore and Tipper Gore got a divorce, but Al may have been cheating with Larry David’s ex-wife, Laurie David (anyone else think Laurie and Larry David is an awesome couple name?). While both camps are reporting this is so not true, I can’t help but wonder. Laurie says she’s been in serious relationship since her divorce with Larry, but doesn’t say with who and there are no photos with said person. Unless that person is Al Gore, close friend and *gasp* lover! Only time will tell.

4. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are engaged again! But don’t look for a ring because she already lost it. The two got engaged while in Hawaii last week and when Brian popped the question on the beach, the ring fell off her little finger and into the ocean. They had staffers sifting through the sand for hours to find the 2-carat bling. Don’t worry Megan, you can always get a tattoo ring!

5. Perez Hilton might be facing child porn charges. However, it’s not likely, so stop your cheering. Perez posted a link to a photo of Miley Cyrus getting out of a car and exposing her Britney. People speculated that she wasn’t wearing underwear, but she really was and now Perez is stuck defending himself. He was simply trying to show how unladylike Miley was being as she exited her car, and now everyone’s freaking out because she’s only 17. Give it a rest – Miley prances around in hardly anything and tries to be all about her music or whatever when really she just wants the attention. Sorry Miley, you may not be “trying to be slutty” but you are. Now close your legs, and your mouth.

Slightly Less Crazy

1. In other engagement news, America Ferrera is the new fiance of longtime boyfriend, Ryan Piers Williams. The pair met when they were studying at USC and he cast her in one of his film projects! Adorbs. Perhaps that’s the secret behind America’s gorgeous glow these days. Congrats, lady!

2. Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol test after her SCRAM went off last week came back negative so maybe we shouldn’t doubt her sobriety so much. Ha, who am I kidding? Yes we should.

3. As if one Lohan isn’t enough crazy, Dina Lohan got denied at Carvel while trying to use daughter Ali’s Carvel Black Card, which gives free ice cream for 75 years. Apparently the Lohans “abuse the card” and they took it back! Yeah, it’s okay to laugh so hard you cry at this. I mean, really, there’s a Carvel Black Card?!

4. The Situation has released a rap song called, you guessed it, “The Situation”! And it’s got fist-pumping and Jager bombs written all over it!

5. Speaking of situations, check out Zac Efron’s. YUM.

The Nick Lachey Effect
The Nick Lachey Effect
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