The Nick Lachey Effect

You know it’s true: there’s always that one guy at school who’s so hot you think he was some secret Brad Pitt/Angelina love child. Where did he come from? How is he so perfect? Does he have a single brother?

Wait, WHAT? THAT’S HIS BROTHER?! How is that even possible? How are they related? Do they have different dads?

We at CollegeCandy like to call this genetic unpredictability “The Nick Lachey Effect.” Basically, the brothers may look alike, but somehow one is WAY hotter than the other.

It’s mind bottling.

Sucks for the ugly sibling, right? Yeah, imagine if you’re the ugly sibling to Brad Pitt, one of the sexiest men in the world. Everyone on earth knows who your better looking brother is. Everyone knows you sort of look like him, at least enough so people know you’re related. But is it enough so you can have six babies with bombshell, Angelina Jolie? Nope. You’re just Doug, Brad Pitt’s brother, Real Estate Agent. The Ugly Brother. Gah! It’s enough to keep you up all night, tormented about how you got the sh*t end of the genetic stick.

I wouldn’t really know how that feels, 1) because I’m not famous, 2) because I don’t have famous siblings, and 3) because I’m definitely the cutest, but I imagine it’s gotta be pretty hard for some of these celebrity bros.

Luke and Owen Wilson

Owen is funny and has that wonky nose, but Luke is just way sexier with his luscious brown hair and brooding eyes.

Ben and Casey Affleck

Ben Affleck: total hottie. Until you see little bro Casey walkin’ around. Must be tough for the big bro to have to live up to little bro’s piercing eyes. And perfectly chiseled nose. And…. drool.

Nick and Drew Lachey

It’s scary how similar they look, yet how different at the same time. Nick is like a super sexy former boy band member… and Drew is a creepy old dude.

Prince Harry and Prince William

Oh how the tides have turned. Once the ugly ducking, Prince Harry has gotten SMOKIN’. And Prince William…well, at least he’s not totally bald yet.

Brad and Doug Pitt

No comment necessary.

Jason and Jeremy London

Yeah, whatever I know they’re twins and they look “alike,” but sometimes one twin ages better than the other. And sometimes the less fortunate brother gets robbed and kidnapped and forced to smoke pot. Sorry, Jeremy.

Nick and Kevin Jonas

There is no contest. No matter how many tight suits and curling irons they put to Kevin Jonas, Nick is clearly the hotter, if not hottest, out of the Jonas Bros.

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