The Weekly Ten: The Fads We Miss (Or Maybe Not)

Oh the 1990s/2000s. It feels as if they were just a couple years ago. Well, I guess they were. Still, that doesn’t mean that we can’t reminisce about the things we loved and so desperately wish we were allowed to embrace today. I love my yorkie, but she is definitely no “Puppy Surprise” (sorry Emma!) and my black textured tights are, whatever, but I so very much miss my neon polka dotted stirrup legging pants that matched with… absolutely nothing!

So let’s run through the fads we love or love to hate and have a blast from the past. Did I miss any? Call me out in the comments and post your favorite (or least favorite) fads from your youth!

10. Tamagotchi
Did anyone else have four of these? Plus a couple Giga Pets for good measure? Between my Tamagotchis and Furbies, it was probably for the best we didn’t have a household pet. Something was always beeping or squawking or crying to be fed at any given moment of the day. No wonder they got banned from schools. Not to mention, getting your Tamagotchi confiscated was probably the equivalent to getting your alcohol confiscated by your RA. Or worse! Who was going to feed him? And clean up his poop? Not cool.

9. Body Glitter
Slow jamming to “I Want it That Way” at a middle school dance just wasn’t quite right if you weren’t bedecked in a Gap tank top, white shorts and covered in head to toe body glitter with impeccably crimped hair. Sigh. The glory days.

8. Nokia phones with Snake on them
Alright fine. I love my iPhone. We all know this. It’s all fine and dandy but some days I crave a simpler time. A time when there was no texting. When your phone only had 12 buttons, not an entire keyboard. A time when your phone was brick-like and the best game in the UNIVERSE existed: Snake. A time when all your time was spent trying to get that guy a little longer, make him get a little further… RIP bright yellow Nokia phone. I’ll daydream of you when I’m playing Plants Vs. Zombies on the iPhone. Sigh.

7. Gelly Pens
Who cares if they smeared everywhere when you wrote with them, or produced completely illegible English papers (really, you think your 83-year-old 5th grade English teacher could read neon orange writing?). These were the coolest things to have and buying stock in gelly pens was like buying stock in Google in 1999. Except instead of money, they instantly made you cooler. Come on, you know you loved to hate that girl with the huge plastic boxlike pencil case jammed to the brim with Gelly Pens. Oh wait… that girl was me. Thank you Mom for owning an art supply store during prime gel pen years!

6. Best Friends break apart necklaces
So much simpler than claiming friendships on Facebook. You had one best friend, you wore the necklace and occasionally you matched outfits on purpose as per a phone call the night before school. Pink leggings, lime green dress, pink cardigan, white Keds, pink bow and the best friend necklace!

5. Limited Too
Your source for all things neon, crop top, sparkly, bell bottomed, low cut and sure to make your dad cringe, items!

4. Lip Smackers
If only my YSL lipstick came this low budget and tasting like Dr. Pepper. I mean, really – Is there anything that rockets you right back to your childhood like the taste of Lip Smackers bubble gum? Oh my god, how cool were you with your glorified chapstick with it’s multicolored font and slight shimmer to attract all the cute boys (even though they were way too into their Pokemon to notice)? Totally. Hot.

3. Polly Pockets
First of all, I have this friend who is so tiny and blonde and all her outfits coordinate perfectly and she’s all matchy matchy and everything about her is so effing cute and miniature and pink and she always wear bows and basically she is my life size Polly Pocket. Now for my point: If it were still socially acceptable to carry Polly Pockets around, I would def have one crammed into my Marc Jacobs bag. I also would probably refrain from calling my friend “Polly Pocket” and take all my childhood toy memories out on my actual childhood toy. Where’s Polly in Toy Story 3, huh!?

2. Baby G Watches
Luckily, these now exist for grown ups! Toy Watch and Nixon have all jumped on the Plastoramic train. However, these watches definitely do not have all the sweet functions of the Baby G. Anyone remember the pixelated snowboarder who did tricks?

1. Uggs
You can tell me “they’re comfy!” all you want, but they were a fad and they are done. Time to be nostalgic about the times you walked around looking like a complete goon with your uggs, miniskirt and/or leggings, big sunglasses and North Face. IT’S OVER.

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