Wardrobe Wish List: Steve Madden’s Bleigh Handbag

Handbags may take home the gold for the biggest problem-poser during the summer months (okay perhaps a close second to melting foundation and yellow pit stains).

All fall and winter I run about my life with a two-ton bag slung over my shoulder (and the red marks to prove it). Seriously stick your hand in there and you’re likely to find half of Sephora, enough snacks to feed a small army and a textbook-sized agenda. And while the chocked full schedule may die down a little during the summer months (making room for the much needed lazy days on the beach…or in bed, whatever), that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to decide what stuff can stay and what has to be left at home.

I love my big bags, but I love my sanity more and there is just no way I could deal with a 12 pound bag in the sweltering heat of summer. Which means a chic, easy-to wear and most importantly compact(!) bag is on the top of my wish list.

And Steve Madden’s Bleigh handbag fits the bill perfectly. Seriously Steve, I now know what love feels like.

The Chanel inspired checkerboard is chic and sophisticated, but the ladylike factor is toned down with the muted gray tone making it just as appropriate for a night out as it is for Sunday brunch. And the best detail of all is the rocker studs which are just the perfect size to add some unexpected flare to an otherwise feminine bag without going overboard into punk-rock territory.

The braided chain clips to the body of the handbag with a solid clasp, so it will totally be able to support all the crap I will attempt to stuff in there. And I am way too excited by the fact that I can unclasp the chain and turn this into an adorable clutch (!!). Hey, I’m all about getting bang for my buck and if I can throw this over my shoulder to run errands on Saturday afternoon and then tuck it under my shoulder with a little black mini-dress to hit the town, then it is definitely a justifiable purchase.

So here’s to you, Steve Madden. Thanks for making all of my summer dreams come true.

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