The Post-Grad Journey: The Job Hunt!

With a full week in California under my belt, I’ve officially moved in. This move-in was a lot different than any dorm room move-in I’ve done throughout college. Instead of signing for my dorm key, I signed a lease. A real “I’m an adult, I must abide by this contract or I’m legally responsible” lease. In fact, everything I’ve done this past week had a stamp of “Adult” on it, making post-grad a lot different than any undergrad experience.

So, now that I traded my student checking for an everyday bank account, I think it’s time to put some money in there. Maybe it’s my drive to be successful, even when my life is in limbo, or all the California wealth around me, but I have been looking for some kind of job to occupy my time. However, job hunting is a full time job, and it seems like the job market has turned its back on us post-grads.

Nearly every job listing requires three to five years of experience. Uh … I’ve been in college classrooms for the last four years, does that count? It’s kind of scary to think that I spent all this time getting my B.A. degree, only to be told that I need experience to match my degree – full time experience. It seems like entry level positions, which used to require a degree and interest (not a few years of experience), don’t exist anymore. I want to use my skills, so I can build up experience – but I can’t gain experience when I can’t get hired. Some listings I’ve seen even say that if resume don’t show three to five years of job experience in the field, they will be tossed. Yikes!

Like a lot of college students, I have equated experience as being something I’ve gained during my internships. I was told over and over again “internships offer invaluable experiences” and that they were necessary to obtaining any post-grad jobs. It sure doesn’t seem like it now. I’ve had some great internships – but those aren’t going to count as prior experience in any field, and while I think they say “Hey look at what I’ve done and where I was hired as an intern at,” they aren’t offering much of anything else.

While looking for jobs, I have also been on the prowl for internships. When applying to law school in the fall, I feel like it’s really important to have an internship experience during my time off to show that I’m dedicated to hands-on learning. However, the outlook on the internship search is not so good. Maybe it’s just California, but every single internship listing requires that the intern must get “college credit.” Now that I’m not enrolled in school, it seems like all these opportunities are closed off to me. I don’t want monetary compensation for an internship and I don’t need college credit – I just want to learn.

I haven’t given up on the job and internship search yet. In fact, all the little detours that have come my way so far have encouraged me to keep looking for the job that will offer me what I want. If anything, college taught me to be determined in everything I do (whether it’s finishing off a bottle of wine or getting the internship that I want).

And hey, it’s not completely bleak…I have an interview for a part-time babysitting position today – and the mom is taking me out for frozen yogurt with her kids. Free frozen yogurt and a possible reoccurring babysitting job that won’t tax my cash money? At least it’s a place to start!

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