In Our Makeup Bag: Balmshell Lipgloss

Is it just me or is there another “revolutionary” new makeup product introduced every freaking day?! Just walking into Ulta or Sephora (or even Walgreens!) sends many chicas into fits of hysteria, reaching for the nearest brown bag to regulate their breathing. It’s all so overwhelming.

So how can you know which product – among the sea of thousands – is the best? Which does what you need it to do? Which ones are worth the extra money? Let me help. I don’t know every beauty product out there, but I’ve tested a lot of them and I’ll let you know which are worth the money and which are not.

(Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me for review purposes. Because I can never have too much makeup!)

What it is: Balmshell Lip Gloss in ‘Beach Patrol’ and ‘Darling, You Look Fabulous’

Why this should be in your bag: Everyone needs both a nude lip gloss and a vibrant lip gloss. It’s truly amazing what a change lip color makes in your total makeup look, and these two colors can look good on anyone. (And if they are not the right pigment for you, Balmshell has many more to choose from.) They are light, shiny and don’t cake on too much color so you look vampy. Plus, Balmshell gloss is not sticky, so no need to worry about your fabulous blowout getting stuck in your lips. (I don’t understand why most beauty companies haven’t fixed that problem yet!)

(Left – Darling, You Look Fabulous. Right – Beach Patrol.)

How to use it: Like I’ve said before, a lip gloss is fairly no-brainer as far as application goes. But here are a couple tips: To make your lip gloss look seamless and sleek, ensure that your lips are well-hydrated with a clear lip balm (think Chapstick) before application. Some glosses, especially nudes, highlight dryness and flakiness. To make your gloss last longer, lightly dust your lips with a powder first. This gives the gloss something to adhere to, but doesn’t change the color like a lip liner may. And if the gloss is super pigmented, make sure to clean-up after application.

(Left – Darling,You Look Fabulous. Right – Beach Patrol.)

Spend the cash or simply pass? The Balmshell lip glosses I tested out were great, so I say spend! They are even on sale at Sephora right now! $11 is a good price for these, considering the pigmentation and NON-STICKY feel. I hate tacky lip gloss and am constantly on the hunt for good, pigmented glosses without stick. I feel like these glosses are going to last me a good long time and continue to please! Just like it says on the box, Balmshell glosses leave me and my lips “feeling radiant and luscious”!

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