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The 10 Most Cliche College Posters of All Time


We all place a large emphasis on our dorm room decor. And we should; how we live says a lot about us to everyone who passes through. And what’s sending the biggest message? The poster. People can learn a lot about you from what you hang on the wall and college students know it, which explains the abundance of poster sales that invade the student center every season.

Are you a refined pearl-wearing girl like Audrey, or super stoner like the Bob Marley?
Maybe the ever-classic Animal House poster is more your style (if your style includes a beer bong and five year plan).

Pay attention and you’ll notice the same rotation of prints appearing on dorm doors and scuffed white walls all over campus.  What?  You thought that motivational poster was unique?  Yeah, good luck defining your undergrad identity one Abbey Road poster at a time…

You wanna stand out this Fall? Avoid hanging one of these 10 cliche posters over your bunk bed.