My Life As… A Married College Student


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I guess I haven’t had what most people would call a normal college career.  I’ve definitely had my share of the normal college experience – dumb freshmen antics, frat parties, enough beer pong to last a lifetime, all-nighters, roommate drama, last minute papers, and really great friends – but there is one thing that makes me different.

On July 10th, 2010, a few months before my senior year, I will be a wife.

Yeah, check that. Read it over once more.  I expect more than a few WTF’s on that one.  I certainly received them when I casually went over wedding details with friends last spring in several of my classes.  For the people that know me really well, it didn’t come as much as a surprise.  I’ve had my wedding planned since I was about eight years old, wanted to be a mom when I grew up with the aspiration to pop out about twelve kids.  But after I entered college never-been-kissed and jumped into a world of man trouble that led me to some severe man-hating, I didn’t think it was going to happen.  So on New Year’s 2008, when I had firmly resolved to swear off men all together to foster greater focus and better grades, God or fate or whatever decided that it was time I meet “the one.”

I guess you can say Paul’s one of those people I should have known but never really did.  We had countless connections and had indeed met a couple times, like, seven years ago when I was an awkward fourteen-year-old who thought he was honest to God the sexiest beast to ever walk the earth, and he was a sex-pot twenty-year-old who was living his life to its fullest.  But it wasn’t until that fateful New Year’s eve when a friend called to see if I could go grab a bite to eat spur of the moment before we all split off for our evening festivities, that Paul really came into my life. He and I hit it off (despite the fact that he had grown a ridiculous fu manchu and kind of looked like one of the village people) and I expressed to my friend that I would totally date him if he shaved off that God awful mustache.  Five days later he was at my door for our first date, clean shaven and charming as ever.  The rest is kind of history.  We had our share of road bumps, but by November we knew that we wanted more than a relationship; we wanted a forever.

The plan was to wait until after I graduated before tying the knot, as that seemed the practical response.  Winter passed and spring break came, and while most of my contemporaries were getting black-out drunk and taking off their bathing suits for cameras or drunk randoms in hotel rooms, I was in Utah picking out my engagement ring.  He told me I had to wait until the right time and we figured on a long engagement.  Naturally I already had the whole wedding planned by then, and Paul and I couldn’t have been more excited for the year to pass and bring new beginnings of all sorts for the both of us.  But after spending an afternoon talking about how we wished we were married RIGHT NOW and no longer wanting our goodnights to mean goodbye, we decided that instead of waiting a whole year and a half before we were husband and wife we were going to do it this summer.   There were a few naysayers in the lot, people who wanted to make sure I was graduated and situated and all that jazz, but ultimately everyone has supported me in my decision to get married.

A few weeks later Paul proposed on my favorite beach at sunset, which honestly came as a complete surprise due to a lot of well planned sneakiness on his part. He traced significant events in a our relationship, beginning with when we were acquaintances, then dating, then official, then best friends, then in love, then knowing we wanted marriage, and now (dun dun dun) officially engaged.

My friends spent the next few months studying for finals and writing papers and partying. I spent them trying on dresses and ordering linens and tasting cake, preparing for a life with my best friend in the whole wide world.  It’s been one of those crazy awesome experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  A lot of people think I’m too young, too naïve, too inexperienced to leap into a life changing decision that could ultimately lead to another divorce statistic, but I know me and I know Paul, and there is nothing I want more then to wake up every morning to his scruffy smiling face.

And, yes, maybe I am missing out – my college career has been very different from what most would expect, especially here in beautiful San Diego – but it doesn’t feel that way to me. I’ve been waiting for him my whole life, and to call upon the wisdom of Billy Crystal, “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”  And that’s what I’m doing.  It means instead of parties and bars I’ll be spending my evenings cuddled up on the couch with my hubby, probably either beasting Ultimate Alliance 2 for the third time, watching a movie, or finishing homework.  It means instead of calling mommy and daddy and asking them for money (which I don’t do anyway), we’ll be working our asses off making ends meet and saving for a house.  It means instead of panicking about where I’ll be after college I’ll know that no matter what I’ll be right by Paul’s side, where I belong.

[A special thanks to reader Megan for sharing her story with all of us!]