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Sexy Time: Why Size DOESN’T Matter


I seem to be on a roll with the truth telling lately. First it was semen myths, and then it was the things we believe about sex before we start actually having it. This week is going to be short and sweet (because I’m exhausted from my summer job. Why did no one warn me it was going to be so awful?); I’m going to tackle why size doesn’t matter.

So listen up. Maybe it’s time we all stop hating on the little guys, K?

The top two-thirds of the vagina has no nerve endings. Really. We only have a couple of inches that can feel what’s going on (that’s why you can’t feel a properly inserted tampon). If you’re only going to be feeling 3 inches, what difference would a 5-inch penis or a 9-inch penis make?

“It’s not the size of the boat…” Plenty of well-endowed men have no skill (trust.), and many men with smaller equipment know the right things to do. It’s not fair to generalize either way, really. There are plenty of men who are larger who think that just because they’re big they don’t need to try – well, that’s not the case (trust). And many men who are aware and possibly self-conscious of their smaller penises will try extra-hard to make it that much better (trust). Everyone is different, it’s not just size that determines a good sexual partner (amen).

A big penis is more likely to hurt you than an average sized one. Ripping, tearing and general discomfort are more likely the bigger you go. If you are with a guy who’s on the bigger side – use lube, and lots of it.

As I’ve mentioned before, most women don’t orgasm through intercourse alone. Clitoral stimulation is what does it for most ladies, and the size of his member doesn’t really matter much when he’s going down on you. Smaller guys still have tongues, fingers, and forearms, so unless you can’t orgasm unless your partner is 8 inches or larger and you can only finish during intercourse, there’s no reason a smaller guy can’t do as well (if not better) than a guy who is more well endowed.

And that’s the end of that one.
Smaller guys, you can thank me later.