The Know: Your Favorite Cocktails, Now Low-Cal!

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We all know that in college our muffin tops don’t actually come from muffins but from vodka. And beer. And cocktails. And hangovers that cause to eat all sorts of muffins the next day: Chocolate, Egg Mc…you get the drill.

But thanks to culinary genius, Hungry Girl, who has given us healthy versions of just about all of our favorite foods, and her new book, Hungry Girl Happy Hour you can now have your favorite party foods and cocktails guilt free. This little “cookbook” is chock full of delicious cocktail recipes that are hundreds of calories less than the originals.

Sip on the Mango MMM-tini for just 102 calories (or 2 WW points) or a Pumpkin Pie-tini for only 144 calories.

Martinis not your thang? The book has all your favorite classics like Mai-Tais and Bloody Mary’s along with Margaritas (already made em…. SO GOOD), Sangria and wait for it… Jello Shots. (There are also fun blender drinks too!) And the De-Pudged Pigs in a Blanket and Jalapeno Swappers are just some of the yummy party food you can chow down on (guilt free) after a few of these delectable drinks.

And there ain’t no shame in that, my friends.

This book will start a new wave of drunk college girls gone wild. Because now you can sip on your favorite drinks without worrying if your formal dress will still fit you in two months.

And the other best part (yes there is another best part!) Hungry Girl Happy Hour is only $14.99, way less than a night at the bar and way, way less than the cost of new jeans when your $1 pitcher belly gets too big for the old ones.

My Life As… A Married College Student
My Life As… A Married College Student
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