Budget Stylista: High-waisted Shorts, Two Ways

When I’m out and about – struttin’ my stuff, doin’ my thang – there are two things I’m seeing a lot of right now:

1. High-waisted shorts
2. Feminine/sweet touches combined with a tougher/rocker edge

It sounds like a strange combo, yes, but it’s totally workin’, so for this week’s Budget Stylista I’m bringing it to you. And on top of that, because I like you and want to have you covered for all potensh style situations, I’ve brought you two looks for two trends. One for day and one for night. You, my friends, are welcome.

So let’s start with some shorts because, let’s be real, a good pair of shorts aren’t the easy to find. These black shorts, featured in both looks, are great. What I like about them is that they have a higher waist without being TOO high-waisted (i.e. flattering and not mom-from-1992 looking) and they are short without being TOO short (i.e. sexy without showing off your lady bits). The ruffle is sweet and feminine but there isn’t TOO much going on. And you can wear them day or night. Score, score, score and score! (Yes, that’s my nod to World Cup soccer. Go USA!)

Ruffles in the Sunlight
This look is great for day; the bows on the shirt (along with the ruffles on the shorts) add a feminine/sweet touch. I like it tucked it, but for day you really can get by with either. The bold sunglasses and denim jacket with the removable hood toughen the look up, so you look more fashionable and less “I bought this whole outfit in the children’s section of Target.” While the jacket is $80, it is super versatile (day or night, summer or fall, sunny or raining….) and already looks worn in. I love it and I’m a big proponent of spending a little extra on timeless or high quality pieces, which this clearly is. I added the red sandals for a touch of color and fun. Oh, and this shirt – you really could ditch the shades, shoes and jacket, throw on some heels and wear it for a more casual night out. So there’s that.

Product Information: Shorts – Lulus, $29.00; Denim Jacket – Lulus, $80; Shirt – Forever 21, $27.80; Shoes – Charlotte Russe, $7;  Sunglasses – Lulus, $8

Ruffle Shorts After Dark
Again, tuck this sexy embellished shirt into the flirty shorts and pair with fun sequined wedges for that rocker vibe. Add the bright pink patent bag (I love pink with slate grey!) and the big bow adds the sweet feminine touch that takes this look from totally badass to “a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.” What? Usher said it, not me. Regardless, it’s the perfect mix of hard and soft, plus it’s incredibly comfortable. Can’t beat that.

Product Information: Shorts – Lulus, $29; Shirt – Express, $34.90; Shoes – Forever 21, $25.80; Bag–  Lulus, $26.

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