Gossip Cheat Sheet: Was Jeremy London Really Kidnapped?

Hollywood never ceases to amaze me. While last week was bonkers, this week proved – in the famous words of Perez from Degrassi Goes Hollywood – that “You’re only as big as your latest scandal.” So that would make Jeremy London super huge (and super shady) this week, Al Gore creepily huge and Miley Cyrus not so big, but at least she got rid of those nappy extensions.

Let’s discuss, shall we?

The Dirty Deets:

1. Edith Shane, the woman in the famous WWII photo of an American soldier kissing a nurse in the streets of New York, passed away this week. She was 91 years old! That woman had quite a life, but no one knew who she was until the ’70s because the soldier photographed went through the streets kissing every woman he saw! (Player.) Edith eventually wrote the photographer and when they met, he knew it was her because of her legs! Amazing. Edith will forever be an American icon (not to mention adorn the walls of too many college students’ every year).

2. Jeremy London’s alleged attacker, Brandon Adams, gave his side of the story this week saying that Jeremy and his wife approached him. Adams said Jeremy asked him for Xanax and Oxycontin and Adams agreed in exchange for beer, which doesn’t seem like a good trade but whatev. Then they all went on a joyride and got really effed up. And that’s what happened. Jeremy’s rep defended the “actor” stating that he has successfully passed all of his random drug tests since his arrest in 2004 for marijuana possession. Who’s telling the truth? I don’t know, but is getting more and more wacky every day.

3. Al Gore has been accused of sexually attacking a masseuse back in 2006 at Portland’s Hotel Lucia. Gore hired the woman for a $540 massage and requested she massage his abdominal area. He then began to moan and told her to go further down and began requesting sexual favors. (Editor’s Note: anyone else totally uncomfortable right now?) She also claims he got up and came over to her when she refused and caressed her body, even kissed her. Gross. However, there apparently isn’t enough evidence for a case so it looks like he may be off the hook. But ew anyway.

4. It’d be an understatement to say that Kim Kardashian has a type. She is now rumored to be dating Miles Austin, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver. First Reggie, then Cristiano Rinaldo, now this guy? She’s clearly got a thing for competitive athletes…with competitive athlete bodies. The two are taking it slow, and while I love those crazy Kardashians, girlfriend needs to relax. I know her biological clock is ticking and all, but let’s not get over excited. Plus, we’re all hoping for a Reggie and Kim reunion. Come on, KIM!

5. Twihards get excited: Robert Pattinson is related to the real Dracula, Vlad the Impaler! It turns out, Vlad is the distant uncle of our favorite royal brothers, Prince William and Prince Harry. And Robert is their distant cousin! (Editor’s Note: I wonder how hot Vlad was….) Author of the Twilight series, Stephanie Meyer, is also part of the British royal bloodline, making her a relative too. So cool!

Mini Deets:

1. Thank the heavens! Miley Cyrus has finally taken out those nasty, bird’s nest extensions. Was it to show off her new ear tattoo? Did Liam hate getting his fingers caught in the weave? Who knows? The only thing that matters is they’re gone and she’s looking way better without ’em.

2. Lady Gaga toppled over in London’s Heathrow airport while donning a sheer leotard thing and ridiculously high platform boot things. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt. Perhaps this is a loud and clear message that it’s time to try some flats? Or at least heels with actual heels on them?!

3. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom got engaged. Waaaaah. I can’t tell if I’m jealous because of my crush on Orlando or my girl-crush on Miranda, but either way congrats… I guess.

4. Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise’s new movie, Knight and Day, opened with a very disappointing $3.8 million. So much for a Tom Cruise comeback. Fail.

5. Since we love some World Cup hotties, Interview magazine has provided us with a very dirty slideshow and video of some of the sexiest men in soccer. Mmmmm.

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