Weekly Wrap Up: Mama Wants a Margarita

Wow, what a week! If it weren’t for the Fraps-your-way at Starbucks, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it out alive. But after a long week full of long-ass lines to get the new iPhone, extreme heat, long hours at the summer job and getting this shocking/disturbing nugget of info, I survived. And now I will celebrate with one giant (LOW CAL) margarita, thankyouverymuch.

But first, let’s soak up all the craziness that was this week:

– Tired of Lady Gaga and Kristen Stewart? Don’t worry, so are we. Yeah, they’re making way more $$$ than us, but their acts are getting boring and overused.

– They’re curvy, so what? CollegeCandy asks readers what’s the backlash with curvy, plus size girls. Ladies, beauty comes at every size, no?

– In college…and married?! Say what? Check out one girl’s experience as a married woman in college.

– American Apparel may soon be a thing of the past. Surprised? Not us. And we’ve got 9 (shiny/tight/nipple-baring) reasons why.

– Is it fair to hate on those lucky enough to have unpaid internships? We don’t think so. Put down the Haterade, kids.

– Our resident dude explained why your sexual history is no one’s business but your own.

– Twilight, Harry Potter, Justin Biebersuperfans are taking over the nation (and our nightmares) one creepy YouTube rant at a time.

– Wanna set yourself apart in your freshman dorm room? Start with NOT buying one of these cliche college posters.

– Summer finally (officially) arrived this past week, which means bikinis!! Grab a gym buddy and work out with vigor. And instead of going to a spa or dining out, learn how to make your own facial masks and some delicious (and healthy!) recipes with hard-boiled eggs.

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Was Jeremy London Really Kidnapped?
Gossip Cheat Sheet: Was Jeremy London Really Kidnapped?
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