Wardrobe Wish List: Flowers in the Fountain Dress by ModCloth

Last week I had a series of outfit mistakes, each one leaving me standing on a subway platform, sweating like a pig, wishing I could strip naked and put on something that wasn’t bringing on hot flashes like a menopausal woman.

First it was the skinny jeans that seemed like a good idea in my cool apartment, but instantly made the back of my knees sticky when exposed to the 90 degree sauna outside. The next morning I vowed to never make the mistake again and I slipped on a mini skirt. An hour later the hip hugging stretch fabric was making me claustrophobic, not to mention that it kept riding up making me look like the office hooker.

As I felt sweat stains spreading down the back of my white tank the next day I cursed myself and then hit the web in search of some scorching-temperature outfits that could get me through the summer of hell that this is turning out to be.

I stumbled across the Flowers in the Fountain Dress from Modcloth (which is always my go-to site for girly frocks with a vintage vibe) and wished I could have it delivered to me right at my desk.

The strapless top is just what I need, with no uncomfortable straps or restricting high necklines, and the sweetheart shape couldn’t be any more adorable – sexy in a way demure enough for the office. We get the comfort and airiness of a mumu without committing a massive fashion faux pas. Much to the contrary, this dress couldn’t get any cuter. The baby doll shape accents the waistline without feeling too binding as the fabric flows away from the body (giving my legs some much needed breathing room).

Even the pattern makes me feel lighter, with posies channeling a watercolor effect in the cool color palette of blue, grey and white. I’m already thinking of ways to rock this dress to work, without pit stains, flushed cheeks and beads of foundation colored sweat as accessories.

My office is freezing (thank god) so I’ll carry a light grey cardigan or a sheer, white silk scarf to cover my shoulders. Playing up the girliness of the dress’ floral pattern with white flats and a simple, single-strand necklace will make for a perfect summer work outfit. And throwing on a wide black belt, strappy heels and mismatched stacks of bracelets makes it edgy enough to transition to a night out.

What makes me even happier is that this dress totally emulates the Anthropologie vibe at half the cost. The garden party-chic style of my all time favorite store, a price tag I can manage to justify and no sticky-thigh syndrome? I’m totally sold.

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