8 Under $20: Floral Galore

Flowers are pretty in the garden so why wouldn’t they be extremely smashing printed all over your dresses, shorts, skirts and closet?  At least then they wouldn’t shrivel up and die after 3 days when you forget to water them. Yes, that is my ultimate philosophy with floral and I’m stickin’ to it. I will trip over children, bump into old women and elbow wandering husbands/boyfriends to find my way to get to that perfect, floral sale item.

Lucky for all you beautiful CollegeCandy readers, you don’t have to worry about injuring anybody in your quest to find the perfect, floral piece, because I’ve already given someone a black eye doing it for you. And here are eight, all under $20, floral beauties.

The black background of this dress contrasts beautifully with the deep blue and purple floral print. This would look adorable paired with a dark, metallic pair of gladiator sandals or a stylish set of bangles. Mmhmm tasty good.

I’m totally appreciating the vintage twist of this wistfully stylin’ tank.  It’s feminine, casual and would look supa’ fly with a pencil skirt at work OR (newly fashionable) high waisted shorts. Oh, and be sure to check out the back – you’re in for a glorious surprise.

The warm color-palette of this dress could transform you through summer and right into fall.  That’s why I love its versatile attitude. The short cut and scoop neckline make for a flattering dress and its generous giveaway price at $11.50 smells as sweet as the flowers.

This full and flirty skirt would look way cute with a simple and solid colored tank.  With a spoonful of bohemian and a teaspoon of vintage, this skirt is a perfect recipe for a summer treat (the non-edible kind).

This intricately detailed design is modest and innocent. I would love this with a stripped shirt and minimal accessories. It’s thick waistband would be perfect for wearing up high, or folding for an extra short effect.  Sounds saucy and versatile to me!

Another to-die-for floral skirt! Elastic waist… side pockets… flirty hem… This all sounds so great. Oh and at only $14.99 – so cheap!  With all your extra cash money get out and buy some modest accessories and call it a day mini-fashion-show-in-your-bedroom.

This top is airy, cool, and totally perfect for summer.  Can you imagine how cute this would be tucked into some high-wasted shorts?!  Its soft and simple cut is innocent, but its thin, sheer printed chiffon is yummy. The matching small buttons down the center are vintage and intricate.  You can’t pass this up!

Last but certainly NOT least is this fantastic cotton dress.  It would look bright and fabulous during the day or switch to some wedges and let your hair down and you have yourself a wonderful night number.  Speaking of numbers, you will probably be giving yours out all night with this dress. Better get a business card (wink wink, nudge nudge, cough).

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