Salmon Vodka – Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

Why, this is fantastic. Finally, there’s a way to get my bagels and lox fix at the bar (because isn’t that what everyone craves after 6 shots to the face?!). And no, not just at some swanky place that has waiters going around with hors d’oeuvres. A distillery in Wasilla, Alaska (note: the very same town that brought you Sarah Palin), has actually created smoked salmon flavored vodka.

Yes, Salmon.

I’m all about vodka (I’m an equal opportunity drinker) and I like me a nice piece of lox from time to time (usually on a big, delicious bagel), but I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks this pairing is more disturbing than Spencer and Heidi. I mean it doesn’t even go with Red Bull! And how would one order a salmon vodka cocktail?

“I’ll take the smoked salmon vodka on the rocks, please. Oh, and could you line the rim with cream cheese? And maybe throw in some capers while you’re at it? Thanks.”

Absolutely sick. I mean, what’s next? Cheeseburger vodka? Taco vodka? Baked-ziti pizza vodka? At least those could double as both a cocktail and a post-cocktail late night snack. Think about all the calories you’ll save when you can drink your burrito! But salmon vodka? Only in Alaska.

Maxim Says The Darndest Things: July Edition
Maxim Says The Darndest Things: July Edition
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