In Our Makeup Bag: Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams

Is it just me or is there another “revolutionary” new makeup product introduced every freaking day?! Just walking into Ulta or Sephora (or even Walgreens!) sends many chicas into fits of hysteria, reaching for the nearest brown bag to regulate their breathing. It’s all so overwhelming.

So how can you know which product – among the sea of thousands – is the best? Which does what you need it to do? Which ones are worth the extra money? Let me help. I don’t know every beauty product out there, but I’ve tested a lot of them and I’ll let you know which are worth the money and which are not.

(Disclaimer: This product provided to me for review purposes.)

What it is: Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams in #1, #6, #15 & #21

Why this should be in your bag: Waterproof makeup is a summer essential! Hot temperatures + humidity = makeup running down your face and disappearing in a matter of minutes! However, if you’re like me, I still like to sport a little bit of makeup in the summer and this is where Aqua Creams come in. They’re invincible and require quite a bit of scrubbing to remove at the end of a long day. They’re also seriously crease-resistant and require no base or primer. You can even take a dip in the pool or partake in that neighborhood water-fight with these suckers on!

(Left to right: #1, #15, #21 & #6)

How to use it: MUFE (Make Up For Ever) designed these Aqua Creams originally for the French Federation of Synchronized Swimming, as a way to create a whole-face look that is totally waterproof. Each shade is designated as either an eye or lip shade, but the formula in them is identical, so feel free to change it up! I was immediately drawn to #15 as an all-over eyelid color, or a base for other shadows. #1 & #21 were liners for me and #6 was a lip-color. However, I’ve seen girls rock #6 on their lids and it looks grand! I like to use my finger for broader eye and lip application. Despite warnings of contamination, I prefer to use my fingers and always make sure they are squeaky clean before dipping in. For #21, I used a slanted eyeliner brush and it worked wonderfully. However, I apply liquid liner in this fashion every day, so it make take some practice for newbies!

(Left to right: #6 on my lips, #15 on lids, #21 as liner)

Spend the cash or simply pass? I’ve heard lots of complaints about the prices of these ($22 a pop!), but I honestly think they are going to last me FOREVER and are so great for long-wear. Even if I wore #15 every day, I think it would last me at least 6 months. I think everyone should have a great go-to shadow color, and if you can find one that is completely waterproof and crease-resistant, then $22 is a steal! If you’re enticed, I would recommend checking them out at your local Sephora and picking up one that you can wear all by its lonesome on your lids and maybe another as a fun liner (#21 all the way!). I wasn’t crazy about the lip/cheek colors, as I like things a bit more matte on my cheeks and bit more shiny on my lips. However, I love these! I truly can’t wait to pick-up more and I’ve already got #17 (plum) waiting in my cart!

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