5 Relationship Lessons We Learned From Politicians

Okay, so our generation has received a lot of flack for not being able to form real, long-lasting relationships, thanks to technology and archaic dating rules about college that span from the 1500’s. But here at CollegeCandy, we’d like to give a big smooch of thank you to the politicians who have set the standard for the foundation of great relationships. It’s people like them that give us faith that men can be intelligent, sexy, and cheaters – a three in one. In light of the accusations Al Gore has currently received, here are the 5 lessons these politicians have taught us in love, life and relationships. Thanks, ya’ll.

John Edwards: Keep everything under wraps, I mean everything. Totally okay to be having other relationships, just gotta make sure your significant other doesn’t know about it. I mean, the baby.

Mark Sanford: When married life gets tough, go to an exotic place to relax, unwind and meet the love of your live. Just don’t tell everyone and vanish in plain sight. It’s sooo mysterious and just plain sexy.

Larry Craig: Don’t let jet lag take the spice out of your love life. Take advantage of unique situations, like the ability to hook up in airport bathrooms. It’s convenient and adventurous – knock two birds with one stone.

Al Gore: Don’t let a sexual moment slip you by! Take a moment to appreciate the fact that someone is touching your naked body. Do them a favor and touch them back.

Elliot Spitzer. Having trouble meeting people? Have no fear, for $10K a night, you could have a companion to eat dinner with, talk to, and you know, do other stuff.

Hugs and kisses, these politicians sure have taught us valuable lessons in life and in love.

Thanks to Jezebel for keeping us up-to-date on how Al Gore destresses when saving the world gets too overwhelming.

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