Beat the Summer Heat In Style

As great as it is to finally have the summer weather here, the season can create a lot of problems that tend to lengthen your morning routine. Like that near third-degree burn you picked up at the beach… how are you ever gonna cover that up in time for work?

And that awesome summer internship you scored demands you look absolutely adorable each and every day, which we all know can be extremely demanding and time-consuming. Not to mention, trying to find a work wardrobe that is super cute AND super affordable for a college student’s budget may seem impossible. However, with help from CollegeFashion, we’ve found 3 chic internship looks, all under $100 (shoes and jewelry included)!

And if you need some more fashion inspiration to spice up your workday, take it from the ladies on the streets of New York themselves. Those chicks know their ish.

The Know: Drinks and Desserts
The Know: Drinks and Desserts
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