Coupled. And Feeling Mushy

So Monday was David’s 23rd birthday (!). I finally found the perfect gift and decided to get him this sweet watch he saw while I was perusing a magazine last month. I also picked up a really cool video game for him-but it turns out he already had it. Yea, massive gift fail on that one, but he was excited about the watch and already exchanged the game for one he doesn’t already own (note to self: check the DVD/ game drawer before buying David any form of entertainment in the future).

I decorated the kitchen and dining room with these adorable flag banners cut out of different patterned scrapbooking paper. I wrote some of my favorite things about him on another sheet of scrapbooking paper to turn into his place mat. Then I turned on Sports Center, got a Bud Light ready for when he walked through the door, threw on some lingerie and started grillin’ up some surf-n-turf.

I was so nervous for him to get home, I don’t know why, but my hands were literally shaking when I heard the door open. He was so surprised and happy, it was the cutest thing. All I wanted to do was make him happy, but seeing how much he genuinely appreciated everything just melted my heart. And it reminded me how lucky I am.

When people ask me what it’s like having been in a long-term relationship throughout my entire college career, my answers usually vary. Sometimes I’m defending my choice to those who think I’m insane for not – ahem – taking advantage of all the hot, young guys surrounding a college gal. Sometimes I’m playing down David’s sheer awesomeness to jealous friends. Most of the time I talk about how amazing it is to have someone who constantly offers me love and support (who’s not, ya know, my Mom and Dad). But too often I forget about the flip side of the equation.

I forget how incredible it feels to be young and in love with such an amazing man. And isn’t that the best part about having a boyfriend? Getting giddy butterflies and having flashes of realization that he’s all yours? Monday night reminded me of the many many reasons I fell in love with David, and how freaking lucky I am to have spent three marvelous birthdays with that handsome devil.

If I have my way (and his, from what he tells me), we’ll be spending the rest of his birthdays together. I can only hope that I remember every single year how incredibly fortunate I am to be his girlfriend. For all my ladies out there who aren’t gagging with cynicism by now (kudos for reading through this mush fest!), take a minute to share some of your favorite things about your s.o.- you might be surprised how much more you love them just thinking about how great they are.

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