7 Reasons Why I Hate to Love a Military Boy

I’ve always admired those in the military, but when I found out that my boyfriend was going to be one of them, I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Sure, being in the Air Force seemed really intriguing, but for someone else. Someone I wouldn’t have to miss at dinner or on the couch.

OK, I’ll admit it, I love me a man in uniform. It’s patriotic, it’s manly and it’s down right sexy. Whether he’s in blues, fatigues and a white tee or the full Marine garb, there’s just something in it for me that I can’t even put into words. However, when it changed over from wide-eyed gawking on my weekend trip to Annapolis to stressing and pacing next to my computer until I got an email response, I knew I’d gotten myself into trouble. A long distance relationship is one thing, but a military relationship is a whole ‘nother.

I know I love the kid, but sometimes it just plain sucks.

1. He’s far away. You’re probably thinking “UMM duhhhh”, but just knowing he can’t be there to hold your hand or sit next to you on the couch (let alone any other physical need/want…) really sucks sometimes.

2. Time difference. Whether he’s in Iraq, Japan or just in boot camp in Alabama, there’s bound to be only a very small frame of time you can make any form of communication at all. And there’s quite a difference between a video chat/phone call and having an email waiting when you wake up.

3. He’s like an old man. I’m going to be a little bit selfish here, but I hate that my boy has to go to bed by 9pm in order to wake up for duty at 5am. I’m up for another 5 hours usually (time difference included…) Not only does this cut off our chatting time, but sometimes hearing from him right before I go to sleep is the only thing I wanna do!

4. No time at home. To counter my selfish #4, I hate that he doesn’t have time with his family. Being a very family oriented person myself, I miss my family and dogs and I get to see them once a month! I know that if it’s putting a strain on me while he’s gone, it must be putting a major strain on his fam too.

5. S-t-r-e-s-s. This should probably be number one, but making sure he is safe, healthy and doing okay stresses me out to no end. I know there’s nothing I can do either way, but that makes it so much worse! I definitely have that very stereotypical need to nurture my man, and getting bad news and knowing there’s nothing I can do about it really hurts sometimes.

6. Guilt. Whenever I mention the great time I had with my friends, how we got drinks at the bar and we stayed out all night and skipped class the next day, I immediately realize how much I suck for even mentioning it. He’s always happy that I’m happy, but I feel guilt for the fact that I can go out, have a good time and shirk on my responsibilities when he can do none of the above.

7. Frustration. I had to say it. Sure, its annoying to have a dry spell, but its straight frustrating when you know you can get some, but you physically can’t. Back to delay-timed sexting and day dreaming for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of and grateful for what I have, but I know I’m not the only one out there with the same whining voice in my head day in and day out. I’m in love with one of America’s heroes and it’s all at once a great feeling and a giant pit in my stomach.

How does everyone else deal with their boys (or girls!) being away for what seems like forever? Any other nagging complaints? Let it out!

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