How To: Break Up The Right Way

Summer can cause a lot of confusion when it comes to you and your man.

Sometimes you unexpectedly meet that new, painfully good-looking, charming guy on the beach and don’t know how to nicely break the news to your boyfriend. Other times, the relationship can really suffer when friends from home, jealousy, and work get in the way and it can be hard to tell just when exactly you should finally call it quits. But if you’re not the initiator in the situation and find yourself suffering from the breakup blues, it’s important to still take care of yourself and realize what’s a normal reaction to a breakup and what’s just totally not.

People always have tons of different advice as to how to recover from a breakup but forget about all that. You wanna survive heartache? Get. In. The. Kitchen. Cooking allows you to satisfy that desire to stuff your face but also keeps you  busy. And when you’re no longer getting busy, staying busy is what your mind needs. Luckily, I’ve found the perfect, simple recipe that will not only keep your heart from talking so loudly to your head, but will stimulate a major convo with your stomach instead.

Because boyfriends are nice, but they aren’t nearly as sweet as bananas and chocolate.

Duke It Out: “The Size of the Boat”
Duke It Out: “The Size of the Boat”
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