The Intern’s Guide to L.A.

You got a big, bad internship this summer? Living in a big, bad city? Not a clue what to do? CollegeCandy’s got you covered. We’ve got ladies in all pockets of the U.S.A. and we’re gonna be your private guides to the biggest internship destination cities around: New York, Chicago, D.C. and Los Angeles. If you’re looking for the best place for a deal, the best weekend excursion, or best bars to drink (with a fake), stick with us.]

Ah, Los Angeles. The city where dreams come true; where any long-legged, doe-eyed girl can become an actress; and where you can make it big, REAL big! ¬†Yes, that may be a slight exaggeration, but L.A is a place of delicious food, great culture, and really, really cheap bars. While you may think running into Julia Roberts and George Clooney is like catching a bus (it is – but you try catching a bus in L.A.), celebrities aren’t the only thing that make up this wonderful city. That’s why I’m here to guide you through L.A, like a true Angelino. We all know about the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Grauman Chinese Theatre, but what makes this city so great is the little quirky gems that only locals know (and rarely share).

Put on your sunglasses and get ready, the Cali sun isn’t so forgiving.

Best Cupcakes: Heard of Sprinkles? Yes you probably have. It’s where the West Coast Cupcakes craze originated, right at the heart of it all: Beverly Hills. Their famous red velvet cupcake is, in my opinion, the best piece of heaven you will ever have in your mouth. People have compared these cupcakes to crack, because they are just so damn good. You might wait an hour for 5 cupcakes, but it’s so worth it.

Have Your Hot Dog and your Celebrity Sighting Too: If you watch Entourage, you’ve heard of Pink’s (Hollywood) Hot Dogs. It’s where everyone from the hottest celebs to those D-list go to get their hot dog fix. Right off Melrose Ave, the added bonus of getting your tasty hot dog here is you actually might see a celebrity stuffing their face with a wiener. What a sight.

Brunch it Up: While the ladies of The Hills hit up some of L.A.’s hottest brunch spots, they have definitely missed the all time best brunch in L.A. Or maybe even the country. The Griddle Cafe, located in West Hollywood, is unreal. There are no other words. You could go for one of their healthy and totally tasty egg dishes or you can live it up and indulge in the culinary masterpieces those breakfast geniuses are cooking up in the kitchen. My favorite: the french toast coated in Nutter Butter cookies. No, I am not joking. I have been dreaming about that dish since I ate it last summer and I’d camp out for days just to get a bite of it again.

Get Your Tan On: Yes, us Californians do love our beaches…and there are tons of them! But nothing beats the scene and people at Venice Beach, where you can not only get nice and crispy, but also participate in a range of activities: Henna tattoos, skating on the boardwalk, ice cone dipping, and have the most interesting people come up to you for money (I’m looking at you, Mr. Naked Man with dreadlocks).

Nightlife: Los Angeles has a pretty insane bar scene that stretches across this expansive city. If red carpets and velvet ropes aren’t your thing, though, there is still plenty to do. If you’re looking to unwind and grab a drink, Backstage Bar & Grill is the place to be. Known for its food and karaoke, tons of Angelino scram to this bar whenever the Lakers are playing. And if you just want to stroll and enjoy the night, tons of little boutiques in Echo Park might just seal the deal. You’ll find everything from Lady GAGA inspired glasses to some interesting people weirdos. Just walk in packs and you’ll be OK.

Hidden Shopping Gem: Most tourists don’t know about this spot, but here at CollegeCandy, you guys know we always get the scoop. The best place to shop here in the City of Angels is not Rodeo Drive or The Grove, but rather, the Santee Alley in downtown L.A. It’s like New York’s Chinatown but so. much. better. Yes, it’s in an alley and yes, that seems sorta shady, but this little pocket of shopping heaven is a gold mine waiting to be exploited. The stalls are packed with everything you could ever want – trendy dresses, accessories, shoes, bags – at super cheap prices. And I’m not talking horrible Louis Vuitton knock-offs. I scored two pairs of gladiator sandals, eerily similar to $80 Steve Maddens, for $20. TOTAL.

Get Cultural: If you’re super artsy and into museums, LA’s a ton of museums that are to die for. The Getty is a privately owned museum that is known for its eclectic collection, while the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Arts (the MOCA, for short) houses some of the most famous paintings and artworks (Giacometti, anyone?) in history.

Freebies: Hollywood is known for its glitz and glamour, but living in LA also means spending loads of moolah. If you’re looking for some free but really great entertainment then head to the world famous Amoeba Music, a record store that also doubles as a place for famous musicians to do a sit-in show. Don’t believe me? Thom Yorke stopped by a couple of summers ago and performed a free, one hour set. Hail to the Chief, bitch!

If comedy is more your thing, why not go catch a free taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno? You do have to enter yourself for tickets (3-4 weeks in advance is probably best), but it’s free and a great way to spend your afternoon. What could be better: celebs + comedy + music.

And if you want to stay in shape but can’t afford an L.A. gym, head over to Runyon Canyon for an early morning hike. You’ll break a sweat, tighten that butt and get insanely beautiful views of the city.

Got anything else people have to see in L.A.? Share it below!

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