Wardrobe Wish List: Madison Marcus Infinite Striped Jacket

I feel like all I’ve been seeing are American flags plastered to every store window and bumper. Which is fine by me. Who’s going to complain about a whole day off from work to down 30 beers and stuff your face with hamburgers? (…And celebrate our country, of course!)

But where July 4th does get my panties in a knot is when it starts bleeding over into fashion. The amount of horrendous American flag pants, t-shirts, scrunchies (yes, scrunchies) and even themed nail art that has passed me by on the street is ridiculous. And although red, white and blue really isn’t a color palate I dress in often, seeing all of these proud Americans struggling to express their love for America in an outfit that is just plain wrong, is just plain wrong. So this year I vowed that I could find something just as appropriate for the day (and the entire season) without sacrificing my dignity or style.

The winner? The Madison Marcus Infinite Striped Jacket. It was included in a July 4th inspired slideshow on Shopbop but when I saw it all concept of a holiday celebration outfit flew out the door. Instead I had flashes of all the places I would walk into looking incredibly chic in my white cotton blazer with the criss-crossed navy stripes.

The jacket is so smart that it’s almost unbelievable. It’s channeling the nautical theme which gives it a crisp, preppy feel, but the detailing is so modern that other nautical inspired wear comes nowhere close to being as wearably chic. The combination of the laid-back rolled cuffs and the sophisticated tuxedo color give the jacket this uniquely casual “oh this thing? I just threw it on” vibe, while the one-sided pocket and asymmetrical stripes and buttons make a huge fashion statement.

At this point, I have forgotten July 4th (sorry USA!) which is the whole reason I went in search of the piece in the first place. Instead I can see myself rocking this all summer, with a crisp white tank and a pair of jean shorts for weekends or casual dinners with friends, and paired with a white pencil skirt and a navy tank for a clean, streamlined work look.

And the jacket doesn’t even have to stay at home when I go out. I can slip it on over a beach cover-up and wear it with a messy bun and flip flops for dinner by the shore and by channeling the tuxedo details and pairing it with a pair of slim-cut black jeans and strappy heels I will be the best dressed girl in any bar or restaurant – simply by slipping on this one jacket.

Gotta love it.

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