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8 Under $20: Bohemian Fashionista


Maybe it’s the hippie in me, but right now I’m loving everything about that laid back flower-child style we know as bohemian. French Connection,  Free People, Lucky Brand, True Religion. . . I’m just naming a few of my favorite brands that carry the gypsy-like, free spirited style favored by Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie, and Halle Berry. (Oh, and Mischa Barton and the Olsen twins, but I’m not sure their take on it is anything to covet….)

Unfortunately, these brands carry their clothes a little steep in the price range for my liking and the celebs are the only ones that can afford it. Fortunately, I’ve got a slew of glorious bohemian finds that have slithered their way into my kind of price range: under $20.

Bring on the side-braids and let’s get shopping.

Because of the white it’s difficult to see the incredibly detailed floral lace design, but it’s there. And it’s gorgeous.  This top is feminine and sweet.  The swoop neck would look fab with a earthy-colored necklace and the short sleeves are just begging for some wooden bangles.  Perfect for a bohemian obsessed summer.

Granted I probably would not go about wearing this Levi-inspired jean vest sans undershirt, but this vest is awesome.  It’s outdoorsy and would look great paired with a loose undershirt and a Lauren Conrad-influenced-side braid. Gimme, gimme.

Just like something out of The Little House In The Prairie a bohemian fairytale, this top is sweetly detailed. In fact, I would love to pair this with the vest above, some thick studded sandals and a floppy, chestnut bag.

The lace hem trimmed with pin-tucked pleats transforms this skirt into a value much higher than it’s cheap price at $19.99.  It looks politely cool for summer, and perfectly innocent (somebody has to fool all of those dirty boys out there). Wink, wink.

Aww, my favorite accessory: the scarf.  Although this scarf looks the part of a crazy sea creature on Planet Earth, don’t let it fool you. It’s a perfect accessory for any bohemian outfit; especially a loose-fitted earthy shirt and ragged, vintage jean shorts.

OK, I know what you’re thinking (“My grandma wouldn’t wear this!”), but hear me out. This (slightly ballsy) modern classic can be worn in so many ways and for so many occasions: at the beach over a solid colored suit, out to lunch, tucked neatly for work…the list goes on.  Unbutton the top few buttons and the punch of color would look great with a simple pair of jean shorts and monstrous sunglasses.

These fabulously cheap (ehem, only $2.00) are nickle free and too glorious to pass up.  They would look wonderful with any outfit – versatile in their own brassy way – and bring a “I’m carefree and cool” vibe to the total look.  If I had my ears pierced (no seriously, I don’t) these would be mine, mine, mine forever.

Let’s go out on a bohemian bang shall we? This dress is bright, fun, flirty and incredibly unique.  I would love this with some wooden bangles and Bob Marley jams in the background? Please and thank you.

If I could eat toast and watch Shark Week all day, every day, my life would exceed perfection status.