From PopEater: Jake Vs. Vienna – The Showdown

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For weeks, the nasty break-up of ‘The Bachelor‘ couple Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi has been fought in the tabloids. In their latest round of sparring, the pair were back in front of the reality TV cameras where it all began. ‘The Bachelor’ host Chris Harrison moderated the pool-side debate between the couple, who called off their engagement last month. The 32-year-old pilot from Dallas and the 23-year-old Geneva, Fla., resident quarreled over such issues as where they should place furniture in their home and why she gave an interview to a tabloid about their split.

The two met in reality TV show, where Jake chose his favorite girl Vienna from a pack of willing women. While the couple admit they were happy at first, things quickly went downhill. “The first month together was great. He was crazy about me. From there it went straight downhill. It felt like a relationship when cameras were rolling or we were out on a red carpet, but when we were at home [it was] lonely. I just wanted him to be around me and talk to me and kiss me like a normal relationship,” Girardi explained.

He fired back, “To me there is more in a relationship than sex.” he said. When she interrupted him again, he added, “She’s asking me why there’s not intimacy in a relationship and this is it right here.”

Scandalous! Read the rest of this train wreck right here.

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