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Hot? Sweaty? Try These Do’s and Don’ts for Beating the Summer Heat


Why didn't I think of that?

Okay, so it’s hot.  Like really, really sweltering hot.  The temptation to stay inside and watch the first season of True Blood on DVD is certainly great, but you’ve got to escape the house at some point.  While there’s not much we can do to persuade mother nature to tone it down a few (hundred) degrees, there are a few tactics you can implement to keep cool on your outdoor adventures…and a few you’d do better to stay away from.

Grab a Cold One
The timeless, tried and true remedy for beating the heat.  Find a shady porch, call over a few friends, and ice down a six-pack.  Just make sure you don’t over-imbibe, as alcohol dehydrates you quicker than a walk through the Sahara.  Throwing a few bottles of water into your cooler can save you from hangover hell.

Kick Off the Heels
Nothing’s worse than dressing for work in the summer.  Fitted pencil skirts, blazers, business shirts…might as well add pit stains and forehead sweat to the company dress code.  Lighten up your wardrobe by mixing in airy (yet professional) sundresses and ditching the heels for a pair of cute flats or sandals.   Looking to make a bold statement at the beach?  A bikini and stilettos is not the message you need to be sending unless you just divorced someone named Spencer.

While We’re on the Topic of Shoes…
Kill the suede.  Get rid of the knee boots.  Aren’t your feet aching for a pair of fabulously simple rubber flip-flops?  Unless you’re hiding a SCRAM bracelet, opt for something more seasonally appropriate.

No one wants natural leg warmers and pits that look like they could belong to Mr. Pitt.  As you transition into short shorts and tank tops, recognize that your legs and arms are now accessories.  Keep them looking their best (and coolest), please.

Summer School
Did you know Gelato University is a real thing?  Looks like your dreams just came true!  While enrollment in the actual University, located in Italy, costs a small fortune, you can always visit your local supermarket’s freezer aisle and create your own curriculum.  Haagen-Dazs with Ben and Jerry’s?  Sherbet and sorbet?  Cool whip and sprinkles?  Looks (and tastes) like an A+ to me!

Don’t be afraid to get creative while thinking of ways to avoid the summer heat.  Find a cheap movie theater that plays older flicks, visit your town’s library for free reads, make friends with someone who has a pool, or bring your laptop to a very air conditioned hotel lobby and enjoy free wi-fi and beer nuts (like me…right now….why is that bellhop giving me the stink-eye?)…whatever it takes, ladies!

Got more ideas to rid yourself of permanent pit stains? Leave them below. We can use all the help we can get!