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What’s Going On Here, Gwen Stefani?


Gwen Stefani, style icon and fashionista extrordinaire, has quite possibly gone blind.  Recently spotted out and about with her son Kingston, she looks fabulous from the waist up.  But, scroll your eyes down to her…pants? skirt? skort? jeggings? diaper?  Train wreck!

Seriously, did she get lost and end up in Beyonce’s closet? What could she be hiding in there?  Her other son, Zuma?  Now, I know every girl has a pair of “fat pants” in her closet.  Those extra-comfy, extra-forgiving stretchy numbers that carry you through the less slim days.  But Gwen, unless you cleared an entire tray of Double Downs the night before (and it all went to your FUPA), go put on sweats like the rest of us.